There are some days when you learn something new in Eloqua.  Today I've learned two things:


  • I had no idea how to upload multiple values into a Multi-Select list.  It's easy.  In the multi-field in your spreadsheet you're uploading, put all the values you require in one field and separate them with ::. For example:  Product1::Product2::Product5::Product7.  Then upload as usual.  This method, however, will overwrite any values that are already selected in the multi-select field.

    I also learned from Re: Appending data within a multi-select field? how to just append single values, without overwriting other selections.  Check it out.


  • I also discovered the Form Submit Cloud Connector.  I have used this to solve a little problem I was having. 

    We have a specific campaign lead nurturing program which sends emails and in between pushes the program members through our lead scoring program, if they reach a high enough score they are passed to sales, if not they are passed back into the nurturing program, then loop through the programs until they reach a high enough score or reach the end of the program.  Before  we send these leads to sales, we need to update campaign related fields in Eloqua so that Sales know where/why the leads are being passed to them. 

    Initially I set up a Update Rule to update the contact fields, however two of our most important fields for Sales, Campaign Description and Sales Follow Up Information, are large text fields - this type of field can't be used in an Update Rule.  However, these fields can be updated via web forms.

    To overcome this I created a form in Eloqua which only has one Save to Contact Table processing step, where all the campaign detail field values are hard coded.  I then changed the Update Rule step in the program to a Form Submit Cloud Connector step and configured it to submit the form, so that it updates the Contact record in Eloqua.  Voila!

    I am now looking at using this Cloud Connector to register our contacts onto sponsored webinars run by other organizations, so that we know which of our contacts/new contacts will be attending and so that we can automate follow up nurturing.


Good way to start the weekend - feeling like you've achieved and learned something new.


Have a good weekend.