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Thought Leadership Program for Partners

About this group

Among your customers, forward-looking organizations are using emerging technology and data driven innovation today, to transform the way they do business. As an Oracle partner, you are in the best position to be the trusted advisor of your customers in this business transformation -- and to create a strategic relationship with them. Oracle makes it easy for you to put these technologies to work: join this community to learn about the innovative solutions and the value-add service offering you can create, leveraging Oracle's emerging technologies such as IoT, AI/ML, blockchain, and Oracle's data driven innovation based on Autonomous, Analytics & Big Data, Cybersecurity, and more. When used together, these solutions and technologies become fully transformational -- opening up new business models for you and your customers, improving your customer engagement, or revolutionizing an industry you serve.

Owned by:Giuseppe Facchetti-Oracle, Carmen Grigoras-Oracle, Julien Haye-Oracle, Melvis-Oracle
Tags:alliances & channels, analytics, artifical intelligence, autonomous, big data, blockchain, cybersecurity, emea, innovation, internet of things, iot, oracle partners, thought leadership
Created:June 20, 2019 4:52:28 PM
Group Type:Private