Project your strengths

As an international student, you might have some skill which your US counterparts may not be having it. Highlight such strengths like knowing a foreign language if you’re a STEM student then share any of the unique projects you have done and so on.


Think globally about your work experience

As you polish your resume, remember to include all related prior work experience, even if it was gained outside the United States.


Expand your network

Spread a word about what are doing now and looking for an internship among your professors, seniors and alumni. Attend seminars at your college and introduce yourself to the speakers and share your academics and projects done until now.


Do your homework

Before you appear for an interview prepare yourself properly. Gain as much knowledge as possible about the organization, prepare cover letter which demonstrates you keenness to associate with them and how much one can use by being their employee. Brush your industry knowledge and technical areas.


Begin the internship search process early

Start the internship job search as early as possible as there are certain deadlines by which you have applied with government bodies and intake anywhere between 15 days to 90 days for the decision on your application.


Consult Experts

If you want extra edge your application and interview consult consultancies specializing in OPT Jobs, CPT jobs like OPTnation who also have a wide network of employers. They also prepare you and fine-tune your skills so that you do not have much difficulty in facing interview.


The United States surely is a land of opportunities but one has to be aware of all the requirements that one needs to acquire a good internship.