Partner Resource Kit to integrate and extend SaaS

Integrate and Extend SaaS.pngContent requires SOA Partner Community membership ( free registration here - we add new members each Monday!)


Services: Integration Cloud Service & SOA Cloud Service

Target Partners: SaaS Specialized Partners for HCM and CX find them at

Target Customers: Customers who plan to use CX and HCM SaaS and ERP Cloud solutions

Sales Kits for Partners Integrate SaaS: Battle Card & Sales Playbook & Elevator Pitch & Quick Demo - Intro Video & Quick Demo - Click Thru & Customer Presentation & Customer Success

Resource page for Partners:  Enrich SaaS with PaaS technical details

Demo Services: All PaaS for SaaS Demos (GSE); PaaS for SaaS - Extend, Integrate & Analyze Demo Bundle (GSE, Demo Notice); PaaS for CX Demo

Specialization: ICS Sales Specialist & ICS Presales Specialist

Trainings hands-on: Paris September 4th & 5th and Reading September 7th & 8th 2017

Community: SOA & BPM Partner Community


Note many of the above links require community membership. After registration is may take up to one week until you get access to the community workspace with the documents.