Partner Resource Kit to integrate and extend SaaS

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Partner Overview Webcast free on-demand and Integrate HCM and Integrate ERP

Free hands-on in-class Training's:




Target Partners: SaaS Specialized Partners for HCM, ERP and CX find them at

Target Customers: Customers who plan to use CX and HCM SaaS and ERP Cloud solutions

Sales Kits for Partners: Cloud Platform for Oracle SaaS  and Integrate SaaS: Battle Card & Sales Playbook & Elevator Pitch & Quick Demo - Intro Video & Quick Demo - Click Thru & Customer Presentation & Customer Success & Pricing PaaS4SaaS

Resource page for Partners:  Enrich SaaS with PaaS technical details Integrate SaaS Bootcamp, Innovate & Extend & Integrate SaaS Bootcamp

Demo Services: All PaaS for SaaS Demos (GSE); PaaS for SaaS - Extend, Integrate & Analyze Demo Bundle (GSE, Demo Notice); PaaS for CX Demo

Oracle Application Integration Cloud Sales Specialist (free)

Oracle Application Integration Cloud Platform for Solution Engineer (free)

Oracle Application Integration Cloud 2019 Associate


Community: PaaS (Integration & Proces) Partner Community

HCM: Onboard Employees Faster by Connecting HCM with Benefits, Payroll, and Directories

ERP: Modern Finance Automation by Connecting Third-Party Data with Oracle ERP and Connect Your Supply Chain End-to-End with Oracle Integration

CX: Customer 360 Across Sales, Service, Marketing, & Commerce with Oracle Integration and Integration & CX Digital Assistant & Content

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