Skip navigation your data still stale? Haven’t you had the need to view of the business in real time so you can still react to the issue, before it’s too late? Today’s business owners still lack visibility and direct control into business processes. Executives want to talk in their own language and want business level interpretation of steps in their processes in real-time.

Being able to extract business metrics in real-time from complex applications without modification to code is a differentiating feature that will serve the business.  In addition to that, a powerful set of pre-configured and custom dashboards would provide a very valuable analytics tool for business. But then, what would this require to startup?

Oracle "Integration Analytics “service type in SOA Cloud Service allows customers to create Insight models and begin extracting business metrics from their cloud-hosted integrations based on SOA and Service Bus technology, without modification to their existing implementations.

With Custom Views and Custom data, your business is unique. You care about metrics that let you track your customers, your processes, and your success. Understanding business means asking questions that can't be answered by IT alone. With Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight you have immediate access to powerful pre-configured dashboards and unlimited flexibility to create custom dashboards using metrics that are important to you.

Join this webcast to learn more on how Oracle SOA Suite Cloud Service Integration Analytics provides the ability to track and respond to complex business transactions in real-time. Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight puts a competitive advantage within reach of executives, business owners and other stakeholders.


  • Today’s Business Challenges
  • Oracle SOA  Cloud  Service
  • Integration Analytics Cloud
    • Key Features and Benefits
  • Summary – Q&A

Presenter:  Victor Ameh  - FMW IMC Specialist  – Oracle Partner Hub Innovation & Modernization Center Nigeria

Demo: SOA Cloud Service Integration Analytics

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Date: Thursday, Feb 09th , 10 am CET (9am GMT/11am EET)


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As corporate computing services continue to evolve and many aspects of the IT infrastructure are on the journey to the cloud, authorizing people to use enterprise information systems becomes more and more challenging.

Extending our leadership in Identity and Access Management, Oracle announces Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), a comprehensive secure, open, and hybrid identity service from the Oracle Cloud.

Learn how Identity Cloud Service:

  • is part of a strategic hybrid identity solution
  • provides centralized workflows across hybrid cloud deployments
  • extends existing on premises identities to the cloud

Join us as we go through the Oracle Identity Cloud Service comprehensive IAM platform that is integrated with its own Oracle Public Cloud platform; built on modern cloud principles that can be used by organizations to simplify the interaction with business partners and customers. Leverage IDCS to enable businesses to roll out faster services with maximum security with low integration and maintenance cost.

Presenter:  Luca Martelli  – EMEA Director Identity & Security Solutions

Demo: Discover Oracle Identity Cloud Service, an innovative solution for identity management and access

Date: Thursday, 26th January, 10am CET (9am GMT/11am EET)
This FREE online LIVE eSeminar will be delivered over the Web. Registrations received less than 24hours prior to start time may not receive confirmation to attend.

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