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Eloqua University is a great place to hang out no matter what type of Eloqua user you are - there's something for everyone. I'm Manager of Education Services here at Eloqua University and we've got a lot  happening here on campus.


If you have never visited our portal, Eloqua University is basically divided into two areas: The Resource Centre and the Course Calendar. The Resource Centre is the campus library and is open to any Eloqua user. It has all sorts of content, such as whitepapers, videos and job aids.


The Course Calendar is where All-Access Pass Holders can register for live web classes. There are currently 23 courses in our syllabus, ranging from 3-day Fundamentals sessions, to 1/2 day targeted learning courses facilitated by seasoned Eloqua experts. Back-to-back, that's 14 completely days of learning. That's two weeks of Eloqua goodness! Over 110 hours! You get the idea.


Interested? Here's how to get started:


Go to To login for the first time, enter your email address as your user name and clock "Forgot Password". A password will be emailed to you. If nothing arrives, be sure to check your junk mail.


Now that you're logged in, you are probably interested in an All-Access Pass (AAEP) so you can start enrolling in sessions. AAEP are $2500 per year, per person. With a pass, you can attend any live web cast course, and take any exam available on Eloqua University. Not only are there lots of classes to choose from, we keep class sizes small at Eloqua U, so you can be sure that any class you take will have an individualised learning experience.


At the moment, we are working on learning paths to help guide you from where you are now, to where you want to be. But in the meantime, you can always talk to a genuine Eloqua Professor. Just drop a line to


And like every University, we do offer degrees. For information about our Master program, check out this blog post by Eloqua Professor Bianca Baumann.


See you at EloquaU!

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