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In the latest edition of Eloqua University's Education Matters newsletter* we included a poll on what is the highest priority for the next nurture campaign you will create. I encourage you to take the poll yourself and look at the rest of the community's responses. Was it about what you expected? Any surprises? Are there campaigns on here that you hadn't thought of creating? (Loyalty campaigns, FTW!). I've included resource links and applicable Eloqua University classes for each of these campaign types if you would like more information.

If you want to go beyond the basics, you'll also find a new self-paced course in Eloqua University called Best Practices: Advanced Lead Nurturing.


  • Education Campaign
    Nurturing is not just for top of the funnel initiatives! A full nurture strategy typically has a set of early, mid and late stage nurture campaigns. A mid-stage education campaign can be used throughout the entire buying process to help move your prospects through the funnel faster. The specified item was not found.


  • Inactive / Re-engagement Campaign
    An inactive / re-engagement campaign is a great place to start! You will want to begin by identifying who in your database is inactive and how you can use automation to try and engage them.The specified item was not found.


  • Welcome Campaign
    A Welcome Campaign is the best place to start for introducing your company, products, services and/or solutions to net-new targeted prospects. In addition to restating your value proposition, you will set yourself up for future communications, begin to build you’re the profile of your prospective buyer and demonstrate your thought leadership capabilities. The specified item was not found.

Eloqua University Classes: E9: Program Builder | E10: Personalizing Campaigns

  • Stalled Opportunity Campaign
    If you don’t have a ‘Perpetual Demand Generation Model’ it may be time to establish a simple nurture campaign to capture and communicate with stalled opportunities. The objective of a Recycled Lead or Opportunity campaign is to ensure that no Rejected Lead is left behind. Be a (Sales) Hero | Nurturing: Rejected Leads Campaign


  • Loyalty / Retention Campaign
    Once you have a new customer, it is important to build and maintain the relationship. Consider adding a Customer Loyalty and Retention Campaign to your nurture strategy to build customer loyalty. Programs can vary, but could include reward, referral, customer community and/or onsite activities. The specified item was not found.


  • Urgency Campaign
    Marketers that align with Sales have an opportunity to further their nurture strategy and reach individuals that have progressed into later stages of the Marketing & Sales funnel. Consider adding an Urgency campaign to your nurture strategy to help Sales close deals faster. Be a (Sales) Hero | Nurturing: Urgency Campaigns


  • New Customer On-boarding Campaign
    Once you have a new customer, what should you do with them? Start your customers off on the right foot with a New Customer On-Boarding Campaign. Help them understand what to expect and get the most value from your services. The specified item was not found.




* The Eloqua University Education Matters newsletter is open to anyone! Our goal is to provide relevant content, quick tips you can use immediately, and the latest on NEW and updated courses. Learn more and subscribe here.

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