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Save Me a Seat

Posted by rhonda-1161286 Jan 27, 2014

When I was in college (a long time ago…seriously…pre-internet) I double majored in English Education and Theatre. The theatre bit allowed me to see the backstage version of some really great shows. When you stand in the wings, you get to watch a show unfold just a few feet away. It’s so dark it’s hard to see the stagehand beside you, but you know she’s silently freaking out, holding safety pins in her mouth and wearing rolls of tape as bracelets. Behind you, the guy playing the lead is going to miss his cue because he’s making out with the prop girl and if he would just for two seconds act as well on stage as he did with Trish we wouldn't be playing community theatre, we’d be on tour and I would be….wait a minute.


The point is, the view from the wings is cool, but if you really want to experience the show the way it’s meant to be seen, you can’t do it from backstage. You have to quit standing in the wings and take a seat in the house.

I see the backstage version of Eloqua University courses all the time. I get to watch classes evolve from scripts to dress rehearsals. When they go live, I watch your feedback on Topliners like a crazy producer after opening night. This view from the wings is cool, but it doesn't let me see what you see. For that, I have to take a seat in the house.


I recently enrolled in two classes the same way our All Access Education Pass holders do. I started with the E10: Fundamentals Introduction. It’s a self-paced or WBT (Web Based Training) course. After enrolling, I got an email with WBT and ILT (Instructor Led Training) info in the same note. Remember, I come from backstage, so I know this is a “feature” of our new Learning Management System, but I added it to my list of “things that could be better” anyway.


Here are some other things I've learned:

  • Two classes aren't enough. Watching Eloqua U from the wings for over a year, I’m no stranger to Modern Marketing, but taking the Intro WBT and Fundamentals of Segmentation from Chetan Bhakri showed me how much I have left to learn.
  • Eloqua University students are the best. I’m a career educator. I’ve taught everyone from high school seniors to database administrators and I’m always impressed by a class full of marketers. In Eloqua U classes, people manage to learn and improve their professional skills all while keeping the chat window entertaining.
  • Undivided attention pays off. At first I thought I’d shut off my Email entirely but then we used our Email accounts to test Eloqua functionality (one of those things you miss from the wings). Still I kept focus and learned more as a result. I enjoyed reading Sterling Bailey-Oracle's post that mentions this very thing.


It would be great to reserve box seating and spend all my time as a student, but there’s no pause button on my day job. Which is true for all Eloqua U students. So I’m going to keep slipping from backstage into the audience whenever I can. In fact, I’m working toward earning the 2014 Eloqua Master title officially. I won’t go all the way to Luminary because quite frankly I don’t deserve it ;-) That title is for practicing marketers. I’m an educator who is fortunate to work in the field of marketing. While I own Marketing for Eloqua University, it’s really the fabulous Kristin Farwell who is our marketer. Speaking of…Kristin Farwell-Oracle you should go for Luminary  – what do you think?


When I attended Chetan’s class, I shut down digital interruptions, but I realized I needed something to block the walk-up traffic. If you have the same problem, feel free to print and use one of these Do Not Disturb signs.



While I’m walking this path, I appreciate any advice from those who are already 2014 Masters. I’ll continue to share what I've learned and we’ll continue to improve Eloqua University accordingly.  As always, please let me know what you think we can do to enhance your learning experience and I hope to see you in class.

Eloqua University is expanding the current Masters program to recognize Modern Marketing Luminaries. The Eloqua Masters program was originally designed to recognize Eloqua product and Modern Marketing knowledge with two different titles. It has been a huge success and thousands of individuals have gone through this program gaining skills recognized and coveted throughout the industry.


We’ve been honored to award the many Eloqua and RPM masters we have today and we are committed to expanding these recognition opportunities as the field of Modern Marketing expands. This is why we’re so excited to release the 2014 Modern Marketing Luminary program.


What is a 2014 Eloqua Modern Marketing Luminary?

A Modern Marketing Luminary is an individual who has all of the knowledge of a 2014 Eloqua Master, along with proficiency in the five tenets of modern marketing. He or she is a thought leader in the modern marketing space, capable of defining effective marketing strategies and implementing them with the Eloqua product. The path to becoming a Modern Marketing Luminary starts by becoming an Eloqua 2014 Master.


What is a 2014 Eloqua Master?

The Eloqua University 2014 Masters requires the completion of: the Eloqua 10 Fundamentals series, the Revenue Performance Management (RPM) series, and an exam that covers both. More information will be posted on this page soon. Stay tuned! Eloqua 2014 Masters will also receive a corresponding Topliners badge.


What If I’m Already a Master?

If you achieved your Eloqua Product and RPM Masters prior to Dec 31, 2013, good news! You will automatically be rolled over to a 2014 Master – we won’t even make you take the new Masters exam! (If you are one or two classes short, yes, you will need to finish those courses and pass the final Masters Exam. You can do it!)


How Do I Get From a Master to a Luminary?

Being a Master is just the beginning. Masters, can earn “Specialties” in one or more of the 5 Tenets of Modern Marketing – Targeting, Engagement, Conversion, Marketing Technology and Analysis. There are Eloqua University courses aligned with each tenet. To receive a specialty in a tenet and earn a corresponding Topliners badge, you simply need to complete all courses aligned with that Tenet. Visit this page to see the courses aligned to each tenet.



Those who earn specialties in all 5 Tenets can attempt to earn the Eloqua Modern Marketing Luminary title. Earning this title requires successful completion of an exam and a demonstration of Modern Marketing thought leadership. Watch this page for updates on the detailed requirements. The Modern Marketing Luminary title is very difficult to earn and will not be for everyone. Those who obtain it are truly thought leaders and an example to others in our industry.


When Will We Start Seeing the New Logos and Topliners Badges?

We’re working right now to credit everyone who is already eligible for 2014 Masters status. We expect to have transcripts loaded and new badges in the appropriate profiles by the end of February. Going forward, the new badges you earn will load once a month. In the interim, every class you take on the Modern Marketing Luminary path counts. So keep learning and we’ll make sure to record and recognize your efforts.


What Should I Expect for the Masters and Modern Marketing Luminary Titles in 2015?

The field of Modern Marketing is rapidly evolving. Thus it’s necessary to keep recognition titles current. Anyone who earns the Eloqua Modern Marketing Luminary or Master title today, receives recognition on Topliners and a logo stamped with the year to identify relevance. In 2015 there will be a bridge allowing those with 2014 titles to obtain a 2015 title. The bridge will require participants to learn and demonstrate an understanding of any Eloqua product or best practice additions relevant to their title that occurred in the previous year.


Finally, to all Eloqua University students we’d like to say, congratulations on your successes thus far and best of luck on your journey to achieving your 2014 Masters. We look forward to seeing you in class and watching your continued growth. Should you have any questions, leave a comment below or contact us directly at


The Eloqua University Team

At Eloqua University we’re passionate about helping our customers achieve their growth and adoption goals, and love real world examples that prove education is the foundation of success. What better way to kick off the New Year than to shine the spotlight on one of our most successful customers, Nitro, creators of Nitro Pro and Nitro Cloud.




Nitro is changing the way the world works with documents. From the desktop to the cloud, they make it easy to create, edit, share, sign, and collaborate—online and offline. More than 400,000 businesses run Nitro, including over 50% of the Fortune 500. Nitro is also a 2013 Markie winner for Most Creative Marketing Campaign. Learn more about Nitro at


Kristin Farwell, Marketing Specialist for Eloqua Global Services sat down with Nitro's Senior Marketing Manager, Sean Zinsmeister, for a discussion about his team’s experience with Eloqua University.



KF: Since Eloqua is easy to use, we find people sometimes attempt to self-educate rather than pursue formal training. What would you say is the biggest advantage our courses have given you and your team?


SZ: Nitro was one of the very first customers to update to Eloqua 10 and we dove in headfirst. We made a commitment to learning the software and took new courses as they were released—I feel strongly that this set us in the right direction. My colleague and I became Revenue Lifecycle Masters, Revenue Performance Masters, and Product Masters as quickly as possible. More recently, we hired an Eloqua Admin and Jr. Automation Specialist who had their certifications when they came aboard. These additions have been game changers. We’re a young company and do a lot of coaching and promoting from within, and having these new, certified folks on the team means we’re now able to document our best practices for the rest of the organization to follow as we grow.




KF: Any suggestions for new customers who are just getting started?


SZ: Before you break the rules, you have to KNOW the rules. This advice comes from my background in music studies, and has served me well in Marketing. Start with the strictest of disciplines and don’t deviate until you know the rules inside and out. From there you can expand and find your own voice. It’s the same with Eloqua, which is by no means a ‘one size fits all’ application. Learn the foundation first and, once you know how it works, you can better understand how to make it function best for your organization and revenue engine.


Also, don’t be afraid of the eLearning! Eloqua University changed my mind about web training. These aren't the old boring online classes that come to mind. They are interactive, well-paced and on-demand.




KF: Which Eloqua University classes have been your favorites, and why?


SZ:  I took Eloqua 10: Personalizing Campaigns back when I was responsible for day-to-day Campaign Management. Learning about targeting, nurturing, and all the different Eloqua tools that make campaigns more relevant really hit home for me at the time.


Best Practices: Global Demand Center (WBT) is one of the newer web-based courses and I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of content it offers. We’re in the process of building our own Global Demand Center and it was helpful for me to see different models and what others are doing. I’m looking forward to more of this type of training.




KF: As an experienced user, are there any classes or content you’d like us to develop to help accelerate your journey as a modern marketer?


SZ: I’ll be selfish here and say I’d like to see a more advanced learning track. Instructor-led and eLearning courses around the kind of complex topics that we can currently only delve into with the power user community on Topliners.


The price point is also a challenge. I would love to educate more than my power users but it’s just not feasible to purchase All Access Education Passes for our entire organization. Ideally, I’d like there to be a cost-effective way for everyone to understand the best practices we’re following in Marketing – perhaps through a monthly or quarterly seminar.




A note from Rhonda Keller, Director of Eloqua University:

Thank you for your time speaking with our team. With your dedication to excellence and commitment to education, it’s no surprise that Nitro is a Markie winner.


Your request for more advanced content is something we hear often so we focused a lot of attention on this in the latter half of 2013. Some of our most popular, advanced courses from Eloqua Experience are currently being turned into instructor-led courses, for example you’ll soon see classes on Advanced Segmentation and Advanced Editing and Form Processing, to name a few. In addition, the 2014 Eloqua Modern Marketing Luminary Program will be announced soon and is one more step towards recognizing our more advanced users.

Also, I hear your concern on the price point. When it comes to learning, we know that one size does not fit all. All Access Education Passes are ideal if you are ramping a manageable number of everyday users. Many organizations find themselves with the challenge of enabling a large number of employees on a critical skill set – the basics of Eloqua or Revenue Performance Management. We encourage those organizations to consider licensing content from Eloqua University. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from, appropriate for new or experienced users, and the content is hosted on your own web server or LMS without restrictions. Much more cost effective.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you again for your insight and I look forward to seeing more from you and your team.

When it comes to learning, we know that one size does not fit all. All Access Education Passes are ideal if you are educating a manageable number of everyday users on the power of Eloqua and marketing best practices. However, there are many organizations, especially large, enterprise organizations, that need to enable a large audience on a critical skill set – the basics of Eloqua or aligning an entire Marketing department on Revenue Performance Management (RPM). In these cases, an Oracle Eloqua Web-Based Training Subscription is the ideal solution.


With a Web-Based Training Subscription you would have select Eloqua University elearning hosted on your own secure web server or Learning Management System (LMS) for a renewable one-year period. Content licensing allows you full access in-house to the education content without limitations as well as the ability to track attendance, transcript data and manage reporting via your own LMS.


Stay Current with Content Updates

Any updates to the content are available to you and included in the subscription for the duration of your license. Organizations interested in building an in-house Eloqua Center of Excellence can use content licensing for a dynamic catalog of self-paced education to enable employees today and serve as a reference in the future.


Subscription Package Options

There are three Web-Based Subscription package options.  Your business needs may align with one or all of these packages, ultimately you have full control over the enablement of your enterprise in marketing best practices and Eloqua product knowledge.

  • RPM Subscription Package includes 5 self-paced elearning courses including an introduction, a high-level overview for individuals who just need the big picture, and deep dives into the best practices for Targeting & Segmentation, Effective Nurturing, and Lead Quality.
  • Eloqua Subscription Package includes 3 elearning courses to introduce Eloqua features and functionality to new users.
  • Sales Education Subscription Package includes training on Eloqua Discover, Profiler, and Engage.


EU Offerings 400.png


As you can see, there is a wide variety of content available with Eloqua University’s Web Based Training Subscriptions, appropriate for new or experienced users. If you have questions, or are interested in learning more, contact us directly at

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