When it comes to learning, we know that one size does not fit all. All Access Education Passes are ideal if you are educating a manageable number of everyday users on the power of Eloqua and marketing best practices. However, there are many organizations, especially large, enterprise organizations, that need to enable a large audience on a critical skill set – the basics of Eloqua or aligning an entire Marketing department on Revenue Performance Management (RPM). In these cases, an Oracle Eloqua Web-Based Training Subscription is the ideal solution.


With a Web-Based Training Subscription you would have select Eloqua University elearning hosted on your own secure web server or Learning Management System (LMS) for a renewable one-year period. Content licensing allows you full access in-house to the education content without limitations as well as the ability to track attendance, transcript data and manage reporting via your own LMS.


Stay Current with Content Updates

Any updates to the content are available to you and included in the subscription for the duration of your license. Organizations interested in building an in-house Eloqua Center of Excellence can use content licensing for a dynamic catalog of self-paced education to enable employees today and serve as a reference in the future.


Subscription Package Options

There are three Web-Based Subscription package options.  Your business needs may align with one or all of these packages, ultimately you have full control over the enablement of your enterprise in marketing best practices and Eloqua product knowledge.

  • RPM Subscription Package includes 5 self-paced elearning courses including an introduction, a high-level overview for individuals who just need the big picture, and deep dives into the best practices for Targeting & Segmentation, Effective Nurturing, and Lead Quality.
  • Eloqua Subscription Package includes 3 elearning courses to introduce Eloqua features and functionality to new users.
  • Sales Education Subscription Package includes training on Eloqua Discover, Profiler, and Engage.


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As you can see, there is a wide variety of content available with Eloqua University’s Web Based Training Subscriptions, appropriate for new or experienced users. If you have questions, or are interested in learning more, contact us directly at Eloqua-university_ww@oracle.com.