More follow up with the customer after they call our call center.



  • Communicate the benefits of online banking and our website to increase the number of customers that use online banking and receive estatements.
  • Reduce call center call volume by 5 -10% for calls regarding balance inquiries or money transfer requests.
  • Reduce statement printing/mailing/processing costs by 5%


Spoiler alert:

Campaigns are not yet active so, no metrics (yet).


Incoming data:

Call center agents enter a wrap up code at the end of each call that is tied to the customer.  The wrap up code (from a standardized list) gives a reason why the customer called and the date they called.  Wrap up codes and dates are uploaded daily into contact fields. 



  1. Get customers to become online banking users.
  2. Get customers to sign up to receive estatements instead of paper statements.


Along with the wrap up codes, other fields are involved to help determine if a customer should receive an email from one of our campaigns.  The online banking user code is an easy indicator to see if we need to recommend a customer sign up for online banking.  Once a customer is an online banking user they are moved into the estatement campaign.


The estatement campaign presented a tiny challenge because I am not allowed to store account numbers or other sensitive information in Eloqua.  Luckily, Topliners helped me find a solution.  I created two fields, one field that shows the number of accounts for a customer, and a second field that shows how many of those accounts have estatements.  Using the handy Math Function Cloud App I can determine if someone could potentially sign up to receive estatements.  Those customers that receive estatements for all of their accounts already are filtered out of the campaign.

The online banking and estatement campaigns both will send second emails if a customer has not yet signed up.  They can go through the campaign multiple times (there is a cap) but only every few months.


I’m excited to get these campaigns going and look forward to showing management how much we have saved with more online banking users and more estatement recipients.


Helpful Eloqua Classes:

The following Eloqua classes helped me set up the data upload, create filter criteria for my segments, clean up and standardize data, and configure my campaign so that I can eventually have some great metrics to show management.

  • Fundamentals of Segmentation
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Insight for Reporters
  • Data Cleansing