In this post, I will share how I created an RSS-to-Newsletter campaign. Although the document below is mostly a high level overview of the campaign, I have provided details where I felt it is necessary in order to provide more clarity.


My Challenge:

Having written a number of blog posts and (one-off emails & newsletter) email campaigns, I wanted to explore the use of Eloqua RSS-to-Newsletter option.


My aim was to augment/enhance:

  • Daily Traffic on the Website
  • User Engagement
  • Percentage of click-through’s
  • Daily/Weekly Client Communication regarding Updates/Service Actions etc.


Prior to RSS-to-Email option, I was tasked with creating content for blog posts in addition to actual email campaigns. The primary objective of the email campaigns was to provide a high level summary of the blogs as well as links to the actual blog posts thereby allowing interested users to navigate to the blog pages quite easily. From an implementation standpoint, this entire venture was time-consuming and my main goal was to be able to leverage Eloqua’s RSS-to-Newsletter feature to save time while also being able to enhance and augment the quality and measure of daily traffic on our website.


Steps for Implementation:

  1. Create a target audience based on buying cycle and recipient’s job role
  2. Create an RSS Email Template
    • Most efficient way to create a focused, communicative and consistent newsletter that conforms to the industry standards.
  3. Configure the Campaign
  4. Install the RSS App & obtain the RSS Feed URL in your production instance (Click here for step-by-step guide on how you can find an RSS feed)
    You can find the step by step instruction guide on topliners:
    * Make sure you have permission to install the RSS Cloud Content Configuration
  5. Activate the Campaign!
    *(See my sample RSS-to-Newsletter attached. The RSS contains the city's local news highlighted in red)


There were numerous Eloqua Courses that helped me in terms of providing me with the knowledge required to successfully design, configure and implement this campaign. Some of these include Eloqua 10: Fundamentals of Emails, Eloqua 10: Fundamentals of the Campaign Canvas as well as RPM: Targeting & Segmentation. I also leveraged the use of topliners for finding best practices documentation and actual user opinions/discussions concerning similar problems.


This campaign has been amongst my most innovative projects to date! From a company standpoint, this campaign has helped us achieve the following goals:

  • Open rate: 38% (Average Open rate: 17%)
  • Click-through rate: 24% (Average Click-through rate: 6%)
  • Subscription rate: 10% (Average Subscription rate: 1%)


Note* Each RSS Feed includes hyperlinks back to the actual blog due to which we have witnessed a significant increase in daily/monthly traffic as well as tangible growth in regards to social media engagements with our users.


Not only that, but we’ve reduced our working hours. We went from spending at least 1-2 hours on building a one-off template for a particular campaign to now just click and go. We have added extra hours to our life! More importantly, we also increased our user engagement by 26% on average. How awesome is that!?


What’s next on my to-do list? Find another innovative way of using Eloqua!