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If you've searched the self-paced courses lately within Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy, you've noticed a growing catalog of Oracle Content Marketing courses to support you. Nora O'Leary-Roseberry, lead curriculum developer for Oracle Content Marketing courses, shared the following.

What is the one most important thing to know about Oracle Content Marketing as you try to learn to use it?


Oracle Content Marketing is more than a content creation system: it’s a dynamic and powerful application full of tools for ensuring you have a strategic and thoughtful approach. It’s a good idea to come together first, as a team, to define strategy components like personas, funnel stages, and keywords before diving right into content creation.


What, in your opinion, is the most fascinating feature of Oracle Content Marketing?


The workflows! Workflows benefit the entire organization and not just the marketing team in the creation of captivating and targeted content. Features include: customizable stage names and colors, deadlines and requirement rules, and detailed permissions that help govern how users interact with workflow tasks. It truly makes the process of content creation a breeze! Workflows are also really flexible, as in multiple workflows can be assigned based on variables like content type, category, author, or publisher.


What new Content Marketing courses can we look forward to?


Expect to be set up for success! Our foundational series, which traces the story of a fictional company called Wonder Way, outlines everything you need to know from basic administration to performance analysis. Soon, we will debut a catalog of courses with tips and tricks for more advanced and strategic approaches. We will also continue to stay ahead of trends and present guidance on best practices.


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