Creating of highly qualified leads was the marketing challenge our business was trying to solve. Of course we had our marketing leads, but how good were they exactly? Were they already known by our business? Were they engaged to our communication? Did they visit our website? And were they aware of the needs they had?

There were a lot of things we didn’t know about our customers and prospects. So if we wanted to target them with the right information on the right time and convince them to purchase one of our products or services, then we needed to know who they are.

Our company worked with Eloqua before but it wasn’t used with its full potential. We used the form editor in a very basic way. So we had the standard data of our prospects and clients, but not their needs or their interests. So we expand the forms with new fields, e.g. job role, amount of employees, revenue*.  Next phase is using Progressive Profiling.


* Helpful Eloqua University class: Eloqua 10 Advanced Editing & Form Processing 


After implementing this new use of forms, we generated a larger knowledge of our prospects and clients. With this new information we could creating buyer personas. Together with an external party we gave our company a clear view of who our clients and prospects were and which content would be interesting for them in what phase of the buyers journey. Now we knew all this, we could start with our lead nurturing campaigns.


We developed responsive e-mails in Eloqua according to our brand standards. Our internal copywriter wrote different templates which were in line with each other. So that was in place. As I wrote before, we had all new data about our prospects. We used this data to personalize our e-mails and landings pages*. We choose to work with dynamic content. How professional is it, when you receive an email with content specialized for your branches or sector?


* Helpful Eloqua University class: Eloqua 10: Fundamentals of Emails

* Helpful Eloqua University class: Eloqua 10: Personalizing Campaigns


With all our news assets we started to build different campaigns. On the campaign canvas there was a prospect flow and a client flow. The difference was in the communication and the call2action buttons. We had to keep in mind that our clients know who we are, the prospects don’t.  So we made the communication interesting and very accessible for unknown prospects.


With the creation of the campaign canvas, we also developed soring models.

We started with 2 campaigns and they were quit successful. After finishing these 2 campaigns we had a list of proximally 300 new leads! This had a great impact of our Marketing and Sales department. With this, a new way of working was required. And to implement that is our main challenge at this point.

Keep you posted!