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It's no secret that while content is and always will be king, it can become difficult for a modern marketer to continuously develop new, relevant, well-written content year-round. If you're short on ideas for a certain month, looking for international relevance, or simply need ideas, try reviewing the dates on a calendar like this one.


You'll find listings that, when skillfully blended into your messages, can support your content relevance and timeliness.

calendar example.jpgHappy writing,


It's funny how in the day-to-day of all our marketing responsibilities, we can stumble into that foggy territory where everything is gray and nothing seems quite right. Our ROI isn't growing as we predicted, or our costs are soaring past our expectations. We start to throw darts to see what sticks, when all we have to do guessed it...go back to basics.


While product marketing can seem like a sea of decisions, there are four main points that create the cornerstones of all decision-making. Create your strategy around the four Ps, and you'll be back on a path to positive returns.


1. Product


Consider user experience, user requirements, functionality, and out-of-the-box experience your top priorities. Also pay attention to quality, post-buy support, and what competitors offer. Make your product better and your customer service service second-to-none, and you've got a winner. If marketing had just one purpose, it would be to make the customer deliriously happy so that they can love your product, use your product, evangelize for your product, and buy your product again.


2. Price much thought has gone into your product price? Is it a premium offering? Are you trying to drive penetration before striking a profit? Do you offer custom pricing? Volume or bundle pricing? Think about your end-game definition of product success, and work backwards to find your pricing model.


3. Place


What, exactly, are your channels to reach customers? Is it all sales people? Do you have partners? Where will your product live? How does your customer know about it? Determine every avenue you will use and the juncture at which you'll implement each one.


4. Promotion


Finally, what we marketers live for! Figure out your target personas, how they perceive similar product offerings, and how you want your product to be viewed. Here's where you get to brand your product with like-minded content across all channels that make sense. Focus on benefits to the customer and how your product is better and different from competitors, with a secondary focus on features. It's about them and not about us, right? A word of caution here: while we all love the many channels at our disposal, not every product benefits from every marketing tool -- QR codes, events, and social media, for example, are not a one-size-fits-all marketing plan solution. Get user feedback and use it to guide your marketing strategy every step of the way.


Hopefully this short guide will get you unstuck and out of the fog.


Happy marketing,


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