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Topliners is to information like marketing is to data: it's chock-full of it, and it brings lots of meaning to the table! Just like a DMP helps you harness insights from data, consider this list your information management platform to help you harness all the insights from Topliners related to the Oracle DMP!


  1. First, join the Oracle Data Management Insiders group. This group is a great place to stay informed, ask questions, and share ideas.
  2. After that, make sure you're as in-the-loop as the development team when it comes to release updates by bookmarking the Release Center, a central hub for release-related information including a dashboard of recent updates and product notices.
  3. If you're feeling click-happy, you also might want to head over to the Know It tab, where you'll find information on the Integration Guide as well as access to various help centers.
  4. Next, become a master of the platform by signing up for some engaging and informative Oracle University - CX Marketing Education training courses. As an insider tip, consider taking them in the order they're listed.
  5. Once you've earned your DMP doctorate, stay tuned in by creating a watchlist for any and all Oracle DMP information!

The aim of my project was to resolve an issue all companies face around the quality of contacts. After standing up our platform, migrating our data sources and running our IP warming campaigns, I was ready to tackle the issue of junk contact data.

The campaign was primarily intended to clean our contact base as quickly as possible, but would also generate digital body language for the engaging audience. It would help us to rejuvenate old and lost relationships and our marketing team's trust in our new Eloqua system.

By looking at our existing bounce rates and the industry standards, I could gauge how many contacts I expected to clean. However, the final number of hard bounces isn’t as important as having a clean contact base.

To avoid the slow trickle of removing inactive email addresses and have an immediate impact to campaign effectiveness, the solution I devised was to use a friendly email to understand which details are correct.

Fortunately, since it was October my inspiration was easy, as Christmas was already being promoted everywhere. This provided the perfect reason to send a friendly seasonal greeting to the majority of our contact base. Agreement from my senior stakeholders and internally communicating the intentions enabled account level opt-out.

The message introduced the audience to our ‘10 Days of Christmas Campaign’, with independent emails sent from the 4th-14th of December. With a new story every day, links to the previous messages and teaser hooks for future content, it gave the audience a reason to keep coming back.



Next came Segmentation.

Inspired by the Academy courses on Email Deliverability and Data Cleansing, I put several of the methodologies to ensure best practice. I knew 90% of our contacts, across 20 countries, are English speakers, making them our primary audience. We also had an indication of our active contacts, as when we migrated from our old CRM, I had taken across 24 months of positive marketing engagements (opens/clicks/web form submissions/event registrants and attendees). By splitting these contacts into equal percentages for the 10 daily sends, I could ensure the bounce rate would remain as static as possible. I also used the same logic as IP Warming in ramping up the email send volumes, to monitor our bounce rate.

To calculate this, I used the following logic.




In total, the Christmas mail went to 131k contacts and 28.5k were removed as hard bounces, leaving us with a clean database and saving 10-25% ( AG) or 30% (Informatica) of our annual revenue. As well as this, the emails generated 1k click-throughs, were forwarded 500 times, collected 13k Cookies and even generated 3 MQLs. Due to the nature of the message and perhaps the time of year, only 13 (0.01%) people unsubscribed from our communications.

With the changes in the General Data Protection Regulation and increased importance in having records of customer opt-ins, these engagements are a great asset and kick start our journey to building relationships.


  1. Choose a message which can be shared with as much of your contact base as possible, but which is unlikely to cause mass-unsubscribes.
  2. Make sure all your stakeholders are aware and in agreement.
  3. Make sure you use a recognisable Sender name in your ‘from address’ so your customers will recognise the email as trustworthy. If your IP is still relatively new, you don’t want to look like a spammer or a virus to known customers.
  4. Monitor the emails daily to ensure everything is on track enabling the opportunity to pull the plug on the campaign should the results be unfavourable and avoid the dreaded blacklisting.
  5. Finally, let your Technical Account Manager know you’re doing this. They can provide support to ensure it runs smoothly.  

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