Our company has been moving slowly towards content marketing, so we are trying to leverage a piece of content in each email message within our marketing automation campaigns. We have been able to curate different types of content, but marketers had been gravitating mostly towards infographics. We have found that this is a good piece of introductory content that marketers are easily able to create on their own, with the help of online programs.



When implementing the infographic in an email, we decided to gate the content with a form to gain access to customer data and as a means to gauge traffic to the site where the infographic is hosted.  While the teaser image in the email gained high click-through rates, we found there was a high abandonment rate once presented with the form.  Our initial thought that contacts would complete a short form to engage with the content was wrong.  We needed a way to keep contacts interested and engaged and be able to track traffic but without the use of the form.


After researching on Topliners and consulting on past successes, we decided to do two things: test using a blind form submit on click-through from the teaser image in the email and investigate different content types that we could use for campaigns where we could track traffic and eliminate the initial form in the marketing automation campaign. We also learned of a tool for video hosting, called Brightcove that might allow us to gain better insights on customer behaviors.



Right away, we found that by adding the blind form submit step to the email, we were able to track the contacts who engaged with the piece of content. Since our organization already has significant data on our contacts, we found that we were able to give away this piece of content without the form and greatly increase the number of people who made it to the infographic and had a chance to engage with it.  We realized that providing content earlier in the campaign without stipulation garnered greater success in communicating with contacts further down the funnel.



With this success on the infographic, we thought that we could apply the same blind form submit process to test videos. Because we leverage video content in many marketing campaigns, using the minimal data from blind forms was not sufficient. Through online research and visiting Topliners, we discovered a video hosting company called Brightcove which plugs into Eloqua. Brightcove’s integration with Eloqua gives us visibility not only to that a contact viewed the video, but  also allows us to drill down and find out the percentage of a video the contact has watched, when the video was abandoned, and how the video was accessed. This feature is far more valuable than a blind form submit, which could only tell us if the contact had visited the landing page with the video and not any data on their interaction with the video. Through our Brightcove integration with Eloqua we can customize follow-up emails based on their interaction, helping us qualify them as sales leads.


By removing the initial form on the campaign, we were able to increase our engagement rate and send more prospects further down the funnel. Since we typically built campaigns that filtered out contacts that did not complete a form, we were able to dramatically increase the number of contacts who progressed in the campaign. At the end of every campaign, we end with a “contact your representative” email. These leads typically flow into our CRM for sales follow-up. We have found that we can provide a secondary list of leads to marketers from people that engaged with the content in the campaign, but may not have filled out the contact your representative form. While these leads are not as hot as the contacts who self-selected to fill out the form, sales has been able to make traction with these leads.


We are beginning to see improvement in engagement with this new method. As we apply this strategy to future campaigns, we will be able to further test and are likely to see increased engagement across campaigns.


Type of Asset

Contacts in Campaign



Gated Infographic


25 abandoned, 37 submitted form

  1. 0.8% abandon, 1.2% submitted form

Ungated Infographic


174 submitted blind form

  1. 1.5% submitted the blind form


Gated Video


144 visited the landing page, but no stats available on video views

  1. 1.8% visited the landing page

Ungated Video


108 watched the video, 86 watched over 50%

  1. 0.9% watched the video, 0.7% watched over 50%



We are quite pleased with the increase in engagement with our campaigns and believe that the stats will only improve as we roll out this method across all campaigns. By increasing the opportunities to engage without barriers, we are able to increase our funnel for sales. However, we will be implementing some A/B testing, to make sure that we are correct in removing the form from the pieces of content.


We are also looking into ways to build a library of content that can help us leverage the tools we have. We find that it is costly to create these assets and we do not have the in-house expertise to create content in a timely manner. Therefore, we are investigating some third-party vendors to help us develop more content (especially infographics and videos), to allow us to continue this practice of content marketing.



Following is a list of some of the courses that helped me in creating this new approach to leveraging content

B2B Conversion: Advanced Editing and Form Processing

B2B Conversion: Blind Form Submits

B2B Analysis: Insight for Reporters

B2B Technology: System Integrations

And of course, Topliners