Congratulations! Your content marketing team is equipped with the most powerful content marketing platform on the market! To ensure that you configure each feature properly and use the platform to its full potential, it’s time to kick-off your Oracle Content Marketing Smart Start.


What is the Oracle Content Marketing Smart Start?


The Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy Content Marketing Smart Start is designed to walk users through the best practice process for configuring the platform, demonstrate all features and workspaces related to content creation, publication, and promotion, and provide an overview of tools for measuring content performance and production analytics. The Smart Start consists of three Instructor-Led trainings (ILTs), which provides customers with the opportunity to interact and engage with a content marketing expert, as well as other content marketers in the field.


The Smart Start is best supported by the Smart Start Assistant, an onDemand course meant to accompany and support implementation so that customers are able to successfully set-up their platform and are equipped to deploy a pilot project in the first two months.


How do I access the trainings?


In order to enroll in and complete these courses, you must have access to the Academy learning portal. A training purchase can be made through the Academy Sales Team. Request more information here or contact the team for information at


What other support will I have?


To guide you through the Smart Start, your Customer Success Manager will provide you with a Prerequisites Workbook and the Smart Start Guide. The Prerequisites Workbook is meant to serve an overview of the information you will need in order to setup your account as well as the features you will need to define with, and for, your team. The Smart Start Guide is meant to serve as an education and configuration roadmap for ensuring you and your team are not only versed in the best practices of both content marketing and the platform itself, but that your administrator configures the appropriate pieces at the proper time. Lastly, the Smart Start Assistant also references a Smart Start calendar, meant to help you scope and plan for your first two months of adoption.


If you need to submit a support ticket, check out these video trainings, and don't forget to bookmark the Oracle Content Marketing Help Center which is a great resource for additional documentation.


Does it work?


It sure does! Check out these customer advocacy interviews!


What’s next?


After you have completed the Smart Start courses, expand your education by taking some of the more advanced, best practice, or QuickCast courses from the full Oracle Content Marketing catalog!


If you have any feedback, or further questions, ask in the comment section below!