Marketing Challenge:  Just because a company has a fully integrated MAP like Eloqua, it doesn’t mean they are using it to its full capacity, which is the scenario I encountered when taking on the role of Marketing Automation & Eloqua Administrator for a large Fortune 500 Enterprise. I was tasked with transforming a marketing strategy that revolved around numerous vertical specific one off emails being sent to static lists via contact uploads from list buys, absolutely ZERO automation, and poor results to an automated system that pulled segments based on criteria within Eloqua.

Campaign Goals: The overall goal was to develop a test and learn nurture campaign strategy, incorporating events and promotional messaging, along with top of the funnel asset driven, pain point solution messaging to the entire prospect database of 1M Contacts in an effort to increase conversions and email metrics, driving meetings, opportunities, and pipeline contribution.

Steps: The initial project was jump started by an internal audit I conducted in which I compared results to B2B Industry benchmarks. Results showed that high value assets were under-utilized and that the best conversion rates were linked to emails that were sent to segment lists of 20K and larger.




A database health report from Insight for Reports helped us see our universe of reachable and unreachable, inactive and active engagement in comparison to our entire prospect universe.



The next step was to export our entire contact database from Eloqua and send to a third party vendor to cleanse and enrich the records in order to re-segment our database aligned to our four main business units, condensing the over 10 verticals we were communicating to before. We focused on Annual Revenue, Industry & Fleet Size as the criteria to place our prospects in one of the four business units.



In order to ensure that the data integrity of the database was maintained a Title & Address Normalization Programs were developed, as well as standardized pick lists.

luminary4.jpg luminary6.jpg  


Once we were done with the data enrichment, cleansing and re-segmentation project, the strategy, design and workflow for a Welcome & four Drip Nurture Campaigns was developed.


The Welcome Nurture campaign was set up to include an overview email of the business solutions, with four different buttons representing the four business units/drips, so depending which they clicked on, it took the prospect to landing page with a progressive profile form that would then push the respondent into a that drip.

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Results: The campaign has now been running for over six months and has generated more meetings, opportunities and pipeline contribution in these six months, than the whole year last year. I expect that by maintaining the database integrity via the standardized pick lists and ensuring all net new contacts enter the database with the required data, it will increase the possibility of continued great results. Also, by continuing to optimize the existing nurture campaigns via a test and learn strategy we should see a consistent improvement in these metrics as well.

The implementation of this process, especially, the marketing automation portion, has been instrumental in the efficiency of day-to-day tasks and makes the overall Nurture Strategy possible.



Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy courses that influenced the campaign:  Fundamentals of Segmentation & Campaign Canvas, Advanced Lead Nurturing, Lead Nurturing Campaigns, Data Cleansing, Blind Form Submits, Program Builder, Progressive Profiling