Upcoming Oracle Eloqua (B2B) platform changes include the decommissioning of the legacy Cloud Connector/Cloud Components App framework. The OMC Academy's newest B2B courses and course updates will help users stay ahead of the curve with the pending platform features. Click the course names below to read more about these Academy courses, available for viewing or registration in the Academy learning portal starting in the month of October 2016, including:


Updated Instructor-Led (ILT) Course


New Courses


What changes are pending in Oracle Eloqua?


The Oracle Eloqua platform will decommission its campaign canvas cloud connectors and cloud components in 2017. This will result in a transition for platform users from using Eloqua Apps to Oracle Apps and from Program Builder to Program Canvas. For customers, this means that current workflows using Eloqua Apps will need to be rebuilt in the platform. In addition, programs will need to be rebuilt on the new Program Canvas.


Note the critical dates for these changes:


After Feb. 1, 2017 -- no new cloud connectors or components can be added in Eloqua.

After March 31, 2017 -- all existing connectors and components will stop working, if not transitioned to the new features.


Please reference and bookmark the following post for up-to-date news about the changes and action items for various user groups.


Deprecation of Campaign Canvas Cloud Connectors and Cloud Components [Updated]


How can my team prepare?


Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy has the education you need to update campaign workflows using the pending features. A brief description of each course is provided below to help you understand the content and how the courses can help your team make needed changes in campaigns. Each course will be available in the Academy learning portal.


1) B2B: Data Cleansing (3-hour ILT, updated) – A revision of our data cleansing class to now be built on the new program canvas AND use the new Oracle Contact Washing Machine app.


2) B2B: Oracle Eloqua App Cloud (3-hour ILT, new) --  This hands-on course will introduce the Eloqua-specific apps available in the Oracle App Marketplace. This course replaces the current B2B: Social Suite Applications course in the Academy. (Note: For customers pursuing the B2B Luminary title in 2016, the course requirement can be met by either course. B2B: App Cloud will be required for the B2B Luminary title beginning in 2017.)


3) Introduction to the Program Canvas (WBT) (New) – A high-level overview of the new canvas geared toward data workflows. This course will be important for all new customers and customers who will need to rebuild any existing programs that use old connectors being decommissioned.


4) Introduction to the Oracle Marketing Cloud (New QuickCast Video) – This is a high-level overview video, introducing the concept  of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. The video is non-product specific and reviews benefits of OMC products based on business needs.


In order to enroll in and complete Academy courses, students must have access to the Academy learning portal. A training purchase can be made through the Academy Sales Team. Request more information here or contact the team at academy-sales_ww_grp@oracle.com.


Education customers can log in to our learning environment to view course offerings and enroll for classes any time.