It is with great pride to all involved “BT Global Services received the ‘2016 Rapid Transformation Markie.’ The award honours fast starters for their superb planning, execution, and results.”  a programme that combined.... Audit, Communications, Webinars, Trailblazers, Training through to  Execution.  John’s blog details an element of this, “Compiling our Naughty and Nice List – Cleaning Your Contacts at Christmas”. As we look moved beyond winning the award, we are focused on equipping individuals with more skills to master Eloqua to build more complex campaigns.


Enabling Uses


User adoption, onboarding and best practise needs continuous focus by us in marketing ops. Marketing is getting more and more complex. My function in marketing operations has widened in direct parallel to the widening marketing role and as a result, I have incorporated the method of upskilling the team marketers in some of these skills that are now required standard ways of working with speed. Global Services was already using WalkMe with salesforce to enable users to accelerate transformation within the sales community when I discovered the platform. The Marketing team was experiencing a similar transformation that needed a similar boost to ensure consistent use and attention with Eloqua . In the same way marketers are constantly competing for the time and attention of customers, I need to compete for the attention of marketers to get them work in a way base on the best practice I pick up during the Luminary training I have undertaken such courses as:


  1. B2B: Advanced Segmentation
  2. B2B: Templates and Asset Management (Form management)
  3. B2B: Fundamentals of Emails
  4. B2B: Testing Campaign and Assets


All of which we can reinforce with the user via WalKME.

What is WalkMe?


According to their website, "WalkMe™ allows you to easily add interactive on-screen Walk-Thrus™ to your website." The Walk-Thrus™ "appear as step-by-step balloon hints on top of your screen content," showing your end-users exactly where to click and what to enter. WalkMe™ is designed to be easy use, allowing you to easily create and view; non-technical folks can create the steps and end-users don't have to download any software. You can read more about WalkMe on their website.

What WalkMe Looks Like on Eloqua


After implementation, a tab appears on the bottom of the screen that reads, "Walk Me Though?" It is easy to see so any user is able to quickly find it if they need help with any common action in Eloqua.


Blog Picture1.jpg


First we wanted to address the challenge of ensuring the team following the naming convention that is so important to our organization but sometimes forget. We also miss out on the benefits of finding assets, reporting on and performing content management tasks if we forget how to perform the steps to execute these actions. With WalkMe, a Walk-Thru is strategically placed to facilitate these actions. A launcher nudging the user to remember to to click on the Walk-Thru and go through the steps has been helpful as they also provide a link to the tool everywhere the naming convention is required.


Blog Picture2.jpg




Our team also built a number of walk-thrus on tasks that users carry out often. For example, when creating a campaign canvas, one can click on the applicable query where the user is taken back to the “My Eloqua” screen. A call out appears showing the user where to click. After each click, a new bubble appears, telling the user what to enter, where to click, and when the full action is completed.



As Eloqua users become more familiar with the marketing platform,  our team has a vision of creating new Walk-thru’s based on best practices for getting the most of the tool.  We will also continue to expand and maintain a library of WalkMe assets for future onboarding of employees. Knowledge we pick up via Academy courses need to be shared to really make it best practise be everyday practice. Eloqua as changed the way Global Services works, yet Eloqua change, taking user with the platform is fundamental to success we use Eloqua across 15+ countries and it is considered to be critical if we want to demonstrate the benefit in what we do.