The Challenge

Our challenge was to reach a less targeted demographic for our company with an email campaign in Europe introducing some new technology for our manufacturing equipment and in doing so try to gauge interest and possible future ROI in this area.


Our Goal

The overall goal was to increase awareness of our new technology in the United Kingdom but also include the English speaking populations of Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, and Finland. We knew we would need to build out a segment that would focus on this specific demographic in which we had not exclusively targeted before. We also needed to create a shorter lived awareness and educational campaign that would allow us to see what kind of engagement we could expect from this European market with our technology that could increase our customer’s productivity. We were hoping the smaller campaign would be able to help us determine if they were going to be an area worth investing more marketing in.



Unfortunately, we did not have a lot of metrics to go off of to determine where we stood in this market so we were hoping that this campaign would become the benchmark to tell us possible profitability in the future.



The Segment: We started by first targeting all contacts in our system with the contact fields matching the business units that we knew would benefit most from our technology.

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We then applied a contact filter to exclude all contacts that did not have a system language of “en” and having a value of language that is not blank.


We added our master system exclude list to rule out any unsubscribes, hard bounce backs, internal employees, as well as possible competitors. The final contact filter we added was one to exclude any contacts that had not been active in the last twelve months.

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Finally, we added filter criteria to exclude all contacts that did not have a country listed matching our desired targeted audience in Europe.

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The Campaign: We decided to do a three email awareness and educational campaign that would space the emails out every two weeks after the first initial email send. We also set the segment to “add members once when the campaign first activated” so we would have a specific time line set to see the final results once the campaign had ended.


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The Results

After the campaign was complete we were able to determine that by specifically targeting a small direct audience in this region that we had descent results above our initial expectations. We concluded that the target audience was worth pursuing with a click to open rate of about 32.5% and a unique open rate of 38.7% and finally a unique click through rate of 12.59%. We are looking forward to using this as our benchmark for future campaigns to see what type of other messaging and promotions can be sent to this demographic in hope to see a true benefit in raised ROI.





We were able to determine that running a smaller campaign during a short time when first starting to target a newer audience can help gauge the possible ROI in that area. In our case it showed that we could invest in running more long term nurture and promotional campaigns to these regions in the future.


Helpful Academy Courses

(Though all classes have been very helpful some that directly affected this initiative are below)


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