Healthcare marketing is somewhat, let's say, 'behind-the-times.' Constrained by small marketing teams, government regulations, and slow adoption to modern marking practices, healthcare marketing is in need of a re-vamping. The advent of Eloqua within my organization is being implemented to address that issue. A transition from old 'mail shop' practices of batch-and-blast, into the more modern marketing practice of always on communications. A new way of thinking; a new way of marketing.


So what's the goal?

To communicate the right message to the right person at the right time. A transition from 'speaking' to 'listening.' A transition from all 'push' communications to a healthy balance of push, pull, and engagement based communications.


The issue with baselining current state.

We are adding a whole host of net new capabilities with the introduction of the Eloqua platform. The baseline is set on the current contribution margin metrics we garner from our batch-and-blast / control group methodology.


Future campaign / implementations.

One major win is the idea of capturing known / unknown users on web entities & tracking tagged pages. This technology will enable the creation of business rules / segmentations around what the user is currently interested in. Has the user visited 3 cardio tagged pages? Well she, or someone in her family, must then have a need for cardiac services or more information surrounding the cardio service line. Let's enter her in a cardio nurture program to start driving her down the funnel to conversion.


So which classes best informed this strategy?

In short, every single one of them. Oracle Eloqua training not only teaches the high-level strategy concepts, but also plays in the weeds of the implementation stages. I truly enjoyed the Engagement, Targeting, and Conversion tracks. It helped me wrap my head around the idea of modern marketing and inspired me to think about the great practices I could directly bring to the org to disrupt the stagnant Healthcare marketing scene.


So what's the impact on your business?

Eloqua has not been fully rolled out to our clients quite yet (pilot clients start in July), but Eloqua is already making quite a wake internally. The net new capabilities are inspiring our Integrated Marketing Managers to create best practice modern marketing strategies for future state healthcare marking. Service-line growth, new movers nurturing, the list goes on. It is a breath of fresh air to have such a powerful marketing tool at our disposal.