B2B marketers are usually looking for innovative ways to improve their marketing campaigns. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a B2B strategy that combines the best of sales and marketing and uses their resources to approach, in a personalized way, a list of defined accounts.


Thus, the ABM efforts drive much higher ROI, reduces the waste of resources, allows a personalized and optimized communication, allows clearly defined goals, and contributes a better sales-marketing handshake.


The Challenge

How can a company achieve the ABM benefits through digital marketing channels? Answer: Using Eloqua to deploy personalized communications and pushing requests of customers to be served by their account manager.


The goals

Two goals were set. The first was, generate explicit requests of visits/quotes. And the second was to create awareness of the account managers for each account/region.



First, it is necessary to document the “before” state by analyzing email sends. It was discovered that the tactic was to send communications by geo instead of by account, and sometimes that was not related to the application that the contact is working on. Second, main accounts to launch this initiative were selected and were divided by region.

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New initiative

It was decided to create a campaign in which we introduce the field account manager for each account. An email template and a landing page which includes a ‘contact me’ form was created, then replicated for each region. The form was configured so that a notification email would be sent to the account manager and the digital marketing lead.  The person submitting the form would be sent to a landing page and then to the company main webpage.  Then, the account manager makes a personal approach with the submitter.


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Several marketing cloud courses influenced this campaign. Targeting and segmentation changed from geo to account and region, a form was created and used to get specific interest of the potential customers, and an automatic insight report (subscription) was activated. Likewise, there’s a welcome campaign active with those assets, so if a person from the accounts is added into our database, they will get the introduction email after a short time. The Oracle Marketing Cloud courses were a key element in developing the campaign.


The next step is to create just one email and use dynamic content to personalize the signature depending on the account and where they are located (the site), to keep their contact information updated.


The metrics from these emails exceeded our regular metrics. Open Rate was increased almost by 20% and Click-Through Rate was increased by 3%. The number of requests received was great. It was a good practice to add the ‘application’ question on the form because the sales people contact them with solutions related to their needs, saving time of the sales team. Besides, every time a contact requests a quote they move forward in our lead scoring model. 


Aligning our digital marketing efforts to the ABM strategy is helping us to influence our contacts, increase likelihood of purchase, and create valuable content to address the top accounts. We can communicate better with them via web, mobile and email, be more effective targeting specific industries, and measure and optimize the ABM campaigns to ensure results over time.