Our Goal:

Targeted Marketing to the Install Base by Extending Engineered Selling Process




Corporations already know who their major customers are - their Install Base.  Our strategy to grow sales is to increase our wallet share of the Install Base IT spend.  Engineered Selling was the primary initiative to drive this strategy.  However, Engineered Selling is high-touch and resource intensive, allowing only a relatively small subset of our Install Base to be reached directly.

A low-touch program that allows a similarly proscribed and measurable outreach to IB customers and executives not otherwise directly reached by Sales is needed to augment the Engineered Selling program.


Eloqua gives us this capability.  Engineered Campaigns is our proposed process.


Marketing Challenge:


Enable the shift of demand gen from greenfield to Install Base by:

  • Extending the reach of Engineered Selling program to a broader set of accounts by providing Eloqua-based automated low-touch sales campaigns
  • Enable Product Marketing and Field Marketing to define highly focused campaigns targeting specific IB segments to be executed in a turn-key “push-button” manner by Sales
  • Drive accountability with tailored BI dashboard that validates campaign effectiveness


What is the business strategy that this supports?

Effective targeting. In today’s world, rather than reaching out to our contacts and customers, we need to continuously engage them.


How will the business benefit from this?

Accurate targeting will help us in generating quality leads at a higher conversion rate, thereby increasing the sale revenue generated per Marketing dollar spent




- Target accounts categorizations are defined

- Below pyramid shows our target account categorization


-Based on product marketing or corporate marketing requirements, engineered campaigns are created in Eloqua. A sample is shown below



- There are two modes defined for implementation

a. List Mode

b. Self Service mode


- Process for list based engineered campaign process as defined below

  -Chosen list is added to Eloqua and added to campaign using REST/Bulk APIs provided by Eloqua

- Self service mode is also provided to sales reps where in they can directly add contacts to chosen engineered campaigns.


Self service portal is shown below.


- Rep can choose a contact and add them to engineered campaigns. These are then added to Eloqua shared lists and Eloqua Campaign using REST API integration provided by Eloqua




- Once the campaigns are created for particular product/account category, they are approved and published

- Contacts are constantly added to campaigns from list based approach or self service mode as explained above.

-Results of campaigns are analyzed in an activity portal. Activities are extracted from Eloqua using Bulk API and regularly synced to our PaaS environment where activity portal is hosted


-Reps and Sales Managers will be able to view activities generated out  of their campaigns.

- At this point they can decide to create a lead in CRM. If that option is chosen a REST API call is made to CRM system and Eloqua contact will also be updated

- If nurture campaign is chosen then by using Eloqua APIs, this contact will be added to nurture process




Using the capabilities provided by Eloqua platform, we enabled Product Marketing and Field Marketing to define highly focused campaigns targeting specific install base segments to be executed in a turn-key “push-button” manner by Sales. Campaign effectiveness is constantly monitored and followup actions are performed by sales like creating a lead in CRM system or further nurturing in Eloqua.


Targeting right accounts with right message, helped to improve our conversion rates and boosting our sales to our most valuable install base customers


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