It is every Campaign Designers’ and every Marketers' dream to build, design and deploy campaigns which can be completed:

•    Using brand approved assets and contents.

•    With best practices & compliance.

•    By building the assets efficiently and effectively and minimizing the assets creation time.


The marketing challenge we were trying to solve

With an organization such as ours which operates globally but deliver campaigns at regional levels and design assets accordingly keeping in view the target audience at each geography, standardizing the assets, making sure every asset that is developed follow the same brand guidelines and the principle is a key challenge. At the same time, we were trying the reduce the time taken to create the assets.


Goals set at the start to validate success

•    To reduce the asset creation time by at least 30%.

•    Faster deployment of campaigns & reduction of campaign delivery SLA


The Solution

To make sure that the assets developed in one part of the globe looks identical and follows the same branding guidelines and principle that are developed in any other parts of the world, we have developed templates and modules which are used across all the regions. The templates are developed for Email, Landing Page, Forms.

The modules have been developed and coded using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

A master template is designed for each of the assets which carry different modules. As per the requirement of the Marketing Manager, the campaign designer can simply choose the module, add the content text, images, Call to Action button, Hyperlinks, build the assets and deploy it.

This not only enables faster asset building but also to maintain the same standard design as well as brand philosophy across all the regions, among all the different campaign designers who are in different regions.

Following are few of the snapshots of the Email module template.

Email Header: As a standard, the Email header carries the Company logo, which can be quickly changed to a Product logo or anything else as per requirement using the Actual URL from the Component Library > Images.

Banner Image: The Banner image module is designed such that the banner is rendered properly on both desktop, mobile and other devices.

Other modules built into the template as per design and brand philosophy:

•    Single column copy

•    Single column copies with bullet list and primary CTA button

•    Two columns with image on right

•    Two columns with image on left


The bottom line is to create and develop the assets quickly, and maintaining same standards, branding and design guidelines. So, an email developed in the United Kingdom would look identical to the one developed in Australia.


Creating a template

When you have created the Asset, Campaign Canvas, or Segment which are ready to be saved as a template, please follow the following process:

  • Click on the Action button
  • Click on Save as Template
  • Lastly, fill out the details Name, Description, Text to Display for Link, URL for Link and Location to be saved it on.




Going Forward

The templates are being continuously updated and developed to fix bugs and to increase and accommodate new features as per business requirements.



The templates are campaign developer's best friend. They make the process of assets creation faster, simpler and more importantly, easier to follow the best practice and branding guidelines.

With the help of the templates, our team has managed to save a huge amount of time and thereby increasing the overall productivity.


Time taken to build campaigns before using the templates: 12000 minutes/month, considering following parameters

•    4 Assets

•    Average of 100 Campaigns/month

•    Average of 30 minutes/Campaign


Time taken to build campaigns after using the templates: 6000 minutes/month, considering following parameters

•    4 Assets

•    Average of 100 Campaigns/month

•    Average of 15 minutes/Campaign


Overall Business Impact

We could save almost 50% of the time from our campaign build time, which in turn has increased the overall productivity of the team. 

We could also now do faster deployment and delivery of the campaigns. The SLA for campaign delivery is now reduced from 4 days to 3 days for the basic Email campaigns.


Courses that have helped me

Following courses have immensely helped me in implementing and developing the Eloqua templates:


  • B2B: Fundamentals
  • B2B: Fundamentals of the Campaign Canvas


Please do feel free to write to me or comment below if you have any queries or comments on this.