Marketing Challenge


In my role, I have to do a lot of client and lead-gen webinars. I constantly look for ways to improve the webinars performance and attendance rate. I created a new process to allow instant registration which is a much simpler process for our clients to register for the reoccurring webinars.




1. Improve client registration experience

2. Eliminate reminder emails sent through Eloqua since they are manually created which include confirmation, day before, day of, thank-you and sorry emails.




I created a Visio diagram to outline each step and all the little details needed to complete a webinar campaign. There are so many steps in a webinar build that it's easy to get lost in the process. I think the Visio diagram is a great way to visualize all the steps in one place and the sequence of the build process.


Campaign Description


We use 3 tools for our webinars: ON24, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Eloqua

ON24 - It's integrated with Eloqua.  The registration and attendance information will be sent to a CDO in Eloqua. I'm using ON24's built-in email notification to send confirmation, day before, day of, thank-you and sorry emails.

AEM - Landing pages are built within AEM. However, I'm not going to use AEM to build the registration landing page. Instead, I'm using Eloqua landing page. This will save us some time in the whole webinar build process.

Eloqua - I built the campaign flow, registration form, landing page, and invitation emails for the webinar. One benefit of not sending confirmation, reminder and follow-up emails in Eloqua is that I don't have to deactivate the form processing steps of Send Submitter an email and Add to Campaign right after each webinar.


See below for the template:


Within the invitation email, I used the blind form submit and included a refer-a-friend link. I didn't create a separate form for the refer-a-friend link since I want to keep all the registrants under the same form. I can tell where the registrants are coming from by looking at the registration source. In the query string, I added in a variable of Source to specify the link source. For example, I appended &source=invite1 to the Instant Registration link and &source=raf to the referral link.

Within the landing page, I added the following code in the JavaScript to retrieve the registration source.


function getQueryStringParamValue(keyvalue) {

    var params = {};

    var strURL = document.location.href;

    var qs = '';

    if (strURL.indexOf('?') != -1) {

      qs = strURL.substr(strURL.indexOf('?') + 1)


    if (qs.length == 0) {

      return '';


    qs = qs.replace(/\+/g, ' ');

    var args = qs.split('&');

    for (var i = 0; i < args.length; i++) {

      var pair = args[i].split('=');

      var name = decodeURIComponent(pair[0]);

      var value = (pair.length == 2) ? decodeURIComponent(pair[1]) : name;

      params[name] = value;


    var qsparam = params[keyvalue];

    return (qsparam != null) ? qsparam : '';


function setSourceInfo(){

  if(getQueryStringParamValue('source') != "") {

                                document.forms[0].source.value = getQueryStringParamValue('source');

                  } else {

                                document.forms[0].source.value = "Unknown";




Within the form, I added the hidden fields: Eloqua campaign ID, SF/OI campaign ID, email ID, ON24 ID, ON24 Key, Source. In the Post Data to Server processing step, I put in "partnerref" as the value for Source. So this registration source information will also be pushed to ON24 reporting dashboard.




Every webinar needs to be approved before activation. Everything needs to be checked including the campaign logic and settings, all the emails, forms, landing page, etc.

With the new process, the team was able to cut down the QA time from an hour to 30 minutes!


Marketing Cloud Courses


B2B: Conversion

  • B2B: Advanced Editing and Form Processing
  • B2B: Blind Form Submits


Impact on Business


This is a win-win strategy for both the clients and the marketers. Having the blind form submit improves the client webinar registration experience since it's only a click away from registration.

This also saves me at least 3 hours in building out the whole webinar process.