On24 is a webinar service provider, their service is used to host some of our Live/recorded webcasts. An integration between Eloqua and On24 is built such that, the responses are captured from Eloqua progressive profile form and is pushed to On24, which is in turn validated by On24, before allowing a user to watch the live / recorded webcast. This integration has reduced manual effort in uploading data into Eloqua from ON24.


==> Benefits:

1. Improve customer experience

Mobile friendly registration page.

Improving brand consistency and continuity.

New responsive design templates.

All emails sent via Eloqua confirmation, reminder, and thank you/follow up.


2. Faster flow of Leads and Registrations

Registrants captured on Eloqua.

Automated flow of Attendees to Eloqua.




===> Identifying ON24 Related Fields in Portal.

OER request form is enhanced to capture all information on On24 event.

1. Request Name must begin with ON24/Eloqua Process + your project name.



2. Webcast hosted on

i) On24 Selft Serice via Elite – Requester has access to self service tool and request for on24 link.

ii) On24 Via standalone form – Team will request on24 through manual form and will create the registration pages.

iii) Others - is used for Webcast hosted on other applications like webex, brightcove etc. If it is other, a Certain page has to be built with registrations captured on Certain.


==> Verifying Event Details:


i) If ‘On24 Via standalone form’is Selected.

Run the below report link (On24 link) and search for the event using program code, or event id, If it exists, do not create the event. If not exists, then create the On24 link by using the Manual request form. Also change the date range to see the most recent webcast created in the system.


==> Setting Up ON24 Registration:

Webcast can be hosted on On24 by the Marketers themselves (via Elite Self Service Tool) or with the help of On24 reps (manual Form – no access to Elite).


i)  ON24 Elite Tool:

ON24 Webcast Elite gives you the power to easily create and deliver professional, media-rich, and fully-branded audio and video webinars. Requirements: To use this tool, you must have an ON24 Elite account and have an active PO for the specific webcast. Contact ON24 to set up your Elite account access.

NOTE: Access to specific events is limited in Elite to the individual account that creates the webcast.

Some marketers would have self-service access on On24, to request for a webcast, and here the marketers will fill all the required details of the webcast on On24. After completing this, they would raise an OER request, by selecting the option “On24 Self Service via elite” for the question “Webcast hosted on”, in the request portal. They would also provide the webcast link which is created from On24. In this case, the team need not set up the manual form, as mentioned in the previous step.


ii)  Manual Form Setup By Team.


If Marketers do have access to Elite self-service, all the webcast details are provided on the request portal. The team will have to raise a request to On24 on behalf of the marketers. The webcast request is raised using the below On24 request form.



For LIVE webcast - Event Start Date & time should be exact live webcast start and time.

For Recorded webcast – Event Start Date and Time should be the GO LIVE date & time.

Once On24 has created the webcast, they will email the webcast details to both the marketer and secondary requester.


==> Setting Up ON24 Registration Pages (Live Webcast):

The On24 Live Webcast requires the following assets to be created.

1. Welcome Page

2. Form Page

3. Thank you/ Confirmation Page

4. Auto-response/Confirmation Email

5. Reminder Email

6. Post Event email (Thanks you or No show)








==> Business Impact on ON24:

1. From driving demand to retaining customers, tech companies face a unique set of challenges. Tech brands struggle to stand out in a hyper-competitive landscape and a global marketplace. Their datadriven cultures put extra pressure on marketers to produce and qualify leads.


2. With ON24, it’s easy to deliver great-looking, high-impact webinars to directly engage customers and prospects. Whether you’re delivering thought leadership or walking them through a live demo, ON24 Webcast Elite is powerful, flexible, and scalable enough to help you drive pipeline and grow your business.



Results include better webinars and a new webinar offering With the ON24 platform, BRW launched a new webinar concept, moving:

i)  From a traditional marketing model with a single speaker delivering a promotional message

ii)  To an educational webinar with three speakers, all market leaders in their respective fields, addressing topics currently affecting their respective industries.


==> Business Review Webinars(BRWs):

The new webinar formula is providing sponsors with improved revenue-generating opportunities while maintaining the objectivity of the webinars topics being presented. The model is a huge success.


i)  Larger audiences. A sponsored webinar on nanotechnology drew a respectable audience. The same topic, presented from an academic point of view on the ON24 platform, drew four times as many registrants.

ii)  More webinars. Using Webcast Elite simu-live capabilities, BRW can circumvent speakers’ holiday schedules by pre-recording their sessions and run an additional 190 webinars throughout the typically slow summer months in Europe.

iii)  Higher-quality leads. BRW conservatively estimates its sponsors have sealed contracts worth over $50 million as a direct result of the data and analytics generated from its webinars.

iv)  Time and cost savings through video. A pharmaceutical manufacturing client of BRW turned a physical guided tour of its manufacturing facilities into a video tour that can be streamed during a simu-live webinar. With the use of video, the company did not have to shut down manufacturing operations and deal with stringent cleanroom regulations associated with in-person tours.


==> Courses that have helped me:

Following courses have immensely helped me in implementing and developing the Eloqua templates:


  • B2B: Fundamentals
  • B2B: Fundamentals of the Campaign Canvas


Please do feel free to write to me or comment below if you have any queries or comments on this.