When I joined Cisco, I realized that they were using Oracle Eloqua for marketing email automation. At first I was not aware that Oracle Eloqua is more than just marketing email automation. Then I joined Oracle University - Marketing Cloud Education, it was a wonderful experience. I was going through both online classes and online video with reading material. The instructors were really polite and experienced and cleared all of our doubt in or after online class.


When I joined my main role was to build the AppCloud connector for integrating Eloqua with internal Cisco application. The main role of the AppCloud API was to send the leads to the campaign so that we can send them adoption emails.


Challenge and Goal:

At the starting of November, I was asked to create a campaign for demo for our product webex with associated Landing pages with forms and emails. Since this demo is always ongoing, I was asked to create a dynamic date selection. It was quite new to me, but thanks to Oracle Eloqua training, I knew what I should be doing. Before I created this form, we used to ask users on which date they would like to take a demo and sometime they used to give a date on which either it used to be holiday or our demo person used to be very busy.


What I did:

First of all, I create a form which was supported to used in the landing page. In the simple and sweet with only 4 fields :

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Demo Date
  • Country


From the training, I realized that we should keep our form as simple as we can with few necessary fields. Update contact, send to campaign and add to shared list was added in processing step .After creating the form, I created a landing page which was showing on our webex.com site. In that landing page, I added the form. Since I wanted to add the css and some javascript code, I copied the html code of the form which I created. After that I added a javascript code to create a dynamic date in the demo date field. The logic for the demo date field was it should only show the working date not holiday date. After adding form and some content in the landing page. I selected webex.com domain for the landing page with the url name.


Since the landing page was linked with the webex.com page, we don't have to send any email to user and the main role of the landing page was to get the date from user when they would like to have the demo.

Email html copy of already created someone in our team. My job was simply to add that html code in the eloqua email asset.


Now it was time to create the campaign. In the campaign, I used the date decision widget to check whether today's date is equal to a day before the demo date. This date decision widget was really helpful, without the date decision widget, it was impossible to implement this logic. Of course, before using it I installed the date app on our Eloqua instance. I activated the campaign after verifying it. Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 6.58.16 PM.png


Impact to the business:


Before Eloqua, all the process was not automated. A person used to send the reminder email manually to the user who wanted to have demo. And it used to be really hard to see the performance of the user.

After we implemented this in Eloqua, our process is automated and reliable. With Eloqua reports, we know how our campaign was performing.


Since I just started working on Eloqua, I did not get the chance to implement complex campaigns and other Eloqua features. But moving forward, it's going to be interesting and I hope I will implement the other concepts that I have learned in the training.


Marketing Cloud Courses that helped:


By utilizing the best practices of OMC Academy courses it has helped me achieve these goals, especially:


  • B2B: Targeting
  • B2B: Analysis
  • B2B: Program Canvas
  • B2B: Technology