We live in a hyperconnected world. How many times have we heard that? Probably too many to count. But what does it really mean to live in a hyperconnected world?


Well to begin with, it means that we expect every action we do as customers to be part of a bigger thing. Our very own customer journey. We want to do things our way and at the same time we want companies to have a single view of us across all channels. We want our privacy respected and we desire to be in control of the relationships we maintain with companies.




The points above are still perfectly valid if we talk about B2B. There are many actions companies can do to achieve the respect customers expect. In the following paragraphs I would like to share some of the best practices companies can easily achieve with Oracle’s Eloqua:


Keep data clean. Humans make mistakes!


Having the best marketing strategy in the world will amount to nothing unless the data backing that strategy is comprehensive and up to date. Making sure we have a robust datamodel and avoiding duplicate records is a start but we also want to make sure we limit human error wherever possible.


As an example, it is a good practice to use dropdown lists for states and countries. By asking our leads to choose from a list we prevent them from stating they live in Pensylvania instead of Pennsylvania.


Keeping a clean database should not be seen as a chore as it comes with great rewards. Clean, up to date data is imperative if we want to deliver 1:1 personalization and comply with the GDPR standards.


Be relevant. I mean REALLY relevant.


The harsh truth is that customers don’t care too much about companies as a whole. They just care about some of it. Think about the intersection where their needs meet the companies’ needs. That’s where the value wedge is and that’s where the marketing strategy should focus on.


Keeping a clear and up-to-date profile of their customers (this includes asking them questions about what THEY want) and deleting from the database contacts that have been inactive for too long are some of the actions that Eloqua can help with. By doing so, some of our customers have achieved Click to open rates of up to 70%.


Drive pipeline through Progressive Profiling.


Imagine you really like someone and you want to know more about them. Most likely what you do is trying to establish a connection with them and hope to develop a relationship over time. A relationship in which you get to know them better and better through your different interactions.


In Eloqua we call this Progressive Profiling. Instead of trying to determine from day 1 whether someone is a valid match for our company, we try to develop the relationship more organically. Instead of bombarding our prospects with 20-field forms in exchange for a white paper, we might want to ask them a couple questions each time they visit our website. Yeah it might take longer but they will feel less pressed and the quality of the information they share with us will be more accurate.


In order to delve deeper into these and many other best practices, I would recommend enrolling to the official Eloqua courses from Oracle University:






By leveraging the power of Eloqua and Oracle Marketing Cloud, a multinational power management company based in Ireland managed to create a lead nurturing campaign worth $2 million in pipeline opportunities within 18 months.


These are just some examples of how Eloqua and Oracle Marketing Cloud help companies around the globe become more customer centric and relevant in today’s digital world.


Want to learn more? Check it out today! https://www.oracle.com/marketingcloud



Raúl Hernández Seda

Principal CX Sales Consultant

Oracle Digital