We started using Eloqua in June 2017. Before Eloqua, we didn’t do much email marketing. We’d send the occasional eblast through our local newspaper, but we never did anything on our own. We knew that we needed to get a better handle on our digital marketing, but we never had the tools or the people that were able to do it.


Our initial goal was to send out one email per month – we don’t have a very large market for the particular services we are currently promoting. The first email we sent out was a very proud moment! Nothing complicated – a simple eblast to our local customers – just getting our feet wet.


As we grew our marketing team, we realized how easy it was to utilize Eloqua to reach our customer-base. We’re now sending between three and five emails per month – usually to different groups of customers or prospective customers.


At this point, we haven’t done any “groundbreaking” campaigns. It’s usually an eblast or sometimes a simple webinar campaign. So instead of talking about the campaigns we’ve done, I’d like to talk about an Eloqua tool that has changed the way our sales team operates.


Marketing Challenge

For many years, our sales team has asked for something they could use to communicate with their contacts using marketing-approved content and materials. The system they used was a mix of random pdf and word files along with emails written off the cuff. They also wanted something that was available to them on-the-go. I told our team that I’d look into a few options.



It had been a few weeks since starting my research, and I took the B2B: Sales Tools class and learned about Engage and Profiler. We were already using Profiler and had it integrated with our CRM, Sales Cloud. But I had never heard about Engage.


I did some research and talked to our Oracle reps about using it and learned how many licenses we had available to us. I installed it and set up our user accounts – it was so easy!


We then met as a marketing and sales team to decide what types of emails were needed and what marketing pieces – flyers, brochures, etc. – should be included in Engage. We have two sales teams that focus on different products and services.


Our local sales team currently has seven email templates in the system, including:

  • Follow up to 1 to email
  • Follow up to generic meeting
  • Follow up to networking event
  • Follow up to Network Sentinel/MSP need
  • Follow up to phone system/meta need
  • Follow up to security need
  • Follow up to tradeshow/convention


Our other sales team has more of a national focus, and they have eight email templates in the system, including:

  • General thank you email
  • Intro Flyer
  • Introduction - Meet Toni
  • NGCS
  • Text Solutions
  • TextConnect
  • Webinar
  • Whitepapers - RTT


So as you can see, they have very specific emails related to the products/services they are selling. Our national team is also using four brochure or flyer files to include with the emails they send out.


Engage main screen.PNG

Throughout the implementation process, I performed research on Topliners to see how other people were using Engage and some of the best practices around the tool.



Our team has now been using Engage for the past month. It has really changed the way they communicate with prospects. One of our sales team members goes to tradeshows quite often, and Engage has made her follow-up process immensely easier and so much faster.

Engage compose.PNG

After discussing how the Engage process is working with our sales team, they have noticed that they have more time in their day to work on other projects. They are also able to see when their contacts are opening their emails or opening the attachments they send, which has made their follow-up process much more effective. While we haven't necessarily seen an increase in sales that we can attribute to the use of Engage, we do anticipate that having a more streamlined sales team will eventually result in increased sales.


As we continue to use Engage, we’re constantly making tweaks to email templates, changing how we label files and reorganizing permissions to best fit our business model. I really couldn’t believe how easy it was to make these changes. When someone from the sales team asks for a change, it usually takes less than five minutes to fulfill their request. I love that!



If you have a sales team that tends to "go rogue", I would highly suggest implementing Engage with your team. Both implementation and maintenance on the Eloqua side is very simple. And if you already have at least a start on your marketing materials, I have no doubt Engage would be on great benefit to both your sales and marketing teams. Not only does has it improved our efficiencies, it has improved the relationship between the two teams.


As we continue to grow, I anticipate that we’ll continue to use Engage to its fullest extent and “up our game” on the Eloqua marketing automation side.