Process Challenge


We as a service provider have to create Campaigns, Forms, Programs, CDO and all of their related objects based on the client requirements and brief. We have a Master Form for content download which is available on the company website to capture the progressive fields as such multiple Region of operations, Interest and their Primary Need for business purpose. We used conditional processing steps in the form to update/create contact field with the given static values to update the complete record of a contact. These conditional steps cause the form to take a long time to process and as such it is breaking our progressive profiling solution.




  • To achieve Progressive Profiling using Program Canvas by implementing custom objects decision with update rules.
  • To increase better Form conversion rates.




The solution to do this is to bring the data captured on the form into a custom data object. We can then use this to run some conditional update rules to update the contact table with a program canvas. We need to create an update rule per conditional step on the form.


Below are some of the progressive fields and it's conditional steps to append the respective static values:



Step 1 :


Our first step would be to create the CDO to capture the data gathered on the form. Always create the CDO with the right description and name so we can understand why we are using it.


Then create the custom object record fields for which we need to collect and save the data from the form finally, the CDO has to be Enabled using "custom object record service" by adding general Form submission shared update rule once the necessary custom fields are added.


Step 2:


To create Update rule : Tools -> Data Tools -> Update Rules

An example is shown below where the update rule would be to append the value of Africa to the field CH Region of Operation. Please name these rules with the convention Set Fieldname – Value. So using the below example “Set CH Regional of Operation – Africa”. We need to create other update rules for rest of the static values that need to be appended. I have shown only one here for reference.



Step 3 :


Once the Update Rules are all set now we can create program canvas to compare the custom data object which we collected through the form with the created update rules. By creating the program in such a way it will compare all regions for a contact based on the decisions in a program. Similarly, we need to create separate programs for Interest and Primary needs.



The Listener source should be updated within the Form processing step as "Add to Program" and select the respective program name: "CalculateRegion" this will route the contacts from the Form to the Program Canvas for further processing.



A complete canvas for all the given region will look like the below one :



Since we used the compare custom object decisions to mimic the conditionality present on the form it has helped us to increase the Form conversion rates in a short span of time. As an outcome of this process, we have had Quality contacts which can also be used for targeting the right audience for our future marketing campaigns - so, yeah we achieved Progressive Profiling!!


The courses that were helpful from the Oracle University Marketing Cloud are as follows :


  • B2B: Fundamentals
  • B2B: Program Canvas
  • B2B: Convert with Custom Objects