• Describe the marketing challenge you were trying to solve with your campaign or strategic initiative.

    In our organization, we are supposed to send Weekly newsletter to different regions with their Interest & we are sending the newsletter in different languages apart from English.

    Previously, it was very difficult for us to send the Campaign by using Email template and we takes lot of time for aligning the content in Email. With the help of Eloqua, I can easily built the campaign & personalise the campaign by using Dynamic content.


  • What goals did you set at the start of your campaign to validate success?

    The goal is to personalise the campaign by using Dynamic content because it is very difficult for us to manage all the content in Email if the campaign in different languages with different interests.


  • How did you benchmark or document your current state?

    Benchmark not applicable.


  • Describe your campaign or initiative and the steps you followed to implement.

    We have created the Dynamic content for each news section & set the Dynamic content rule for the languages by using logic. We have add "Compare contact field" with their Interest level & language preferences in filter area and placed the Dynamic content in the Email.

    So, whenever I am updating data in Spanish then the content is reflecting to Spanish customers only with their Interest level. It helps me to place the content i.e. each news section of languages in one Dynamic content only by creating the Content Rule & using logic for the interest.

    It helps us to reduce the steps to update the content in the Email & also reduce the time for aligning the content in Email. Because, we can easily drag & drop the dynamic content in the Email.

    We integrate our CRM with the Eloqua so whenever any customer change their preference. It will automatically get updated in the Eloqua. In Eloqua, with the help of Segment, we can easily send email to Target audience.


  • Which marketing cloud courses have directly influenced this campaign?

    Eloqua 10: B2B: Fundamentals, B2B: Engage & Enrich, B2B: Fundamentals Introduction, B2B: Profile & Target courses were helpful to create update rules. Also some part of integration with SFDC.


  • How has this campaign impacted your business?

    The impact on business is we are able to personalize the campaign by using Dynamic content so mail will go the customer properly with their interest level & language preference. It reduce lot of time because in one asset we are updating content of all language.