In our organization, we are supposed to send a weekly newsletter to different regions with their language preference. We are sending the newsletter in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese.


Marketing Challenge


We have our Internal news page, where Country Marketing Managers can publish their region news with their related region. We have to pick the news from the Internal link, edit the news & mark the trade which is related to their region.


Previously, it was very difficult for us to send the Campaign by using Email template (through Insight), because sometimes it was more than 15 news & we takes lot of time for aligning the content in Email for different languages & regions.


Since it is a more informative newsletter (with lot of content), sometimes we mistakenly skip one news or update the wrong language in the email. It results in a poor user experience and they also get wrong/missing information.




The approach is to personalise the campaign by using Dynamic content through Eloqua because it is very difficult for us to manage all the content in Email if the campaign in different languages with different interests/regions.


Necessary Steps

1. Created the Contact field for Language Preferences & Region Preferences.


  • Go to Setting
  • Create the Preference Picklist by clicking Manage Picklist --> New Picklist

  • Click on Field & View
  • Add the Contact Field for Language Preference & Region Preferences & select the field type as picklist/multiple-picklist & select the appropriate list which you have uploaded. (Refer Screenshot-2)

  • You can cross check the fields by clicking Contact Overview



2. Create Subscription Management Page

  • Create the Subscription Management form
  • In "Update Contacts - With the Form data", the source field should have to matched with Target field.

  • Add form Processing Steps

  • Send Submitter an Email (Select "Thank You for Subscribing" mail)
  • Send Notification Email (update your email address & update the subject, if you require any notification regarding the Subscription)
  • Redirect Webpage (You can add "Thank You for Subscribing" Landing page & also can redirect the Landing page to your website after few seconds)
  • Click on "Save" button


3. Create the Subscription Management Landing page


or integrate form HTML into your website by clicking view form in HTML




4. Create Dynamic content for each news section & set the Dynamic content rule for the languages by using logic. We have add "Compare contact field" with their Interest level & language preferences in filter area and placed the Dynamic content in the Email





So, whenever I am updating data in Spanish, then the content is reflecting to Spanish customers only with their Interest level. It helps me to place the content, i.e. each news section of languages in one Dynamic content only by creating the Content Rule & using logic for the interest.


5. Send test mail to your id.


  1. I have subscribed for Spanish language & selected "Africa" region so in the preview, Spanish content get reflected
  2. Those who subscribed for other language & selected "Transatlantic" region, cannot able to see Dynamic content because the content is available for Africa & Asia-Europe customers only
  3. Those who subscribed for other language & selected "Asia-Europe" region, can able to see Dynamic content in their respective language.


6. Update your Segment

I have updated the segment according to Language Preference & Region


So, when I am activating the campaign & select the appropriate language segment then mail is going to right customers. i.e. Spain customer who subscribed for Spanish language will get Spanish version email.






In our company, every subscriber will get the correct email with their region and language preferences. It helps us to send emails / newsletters all over the world with minimum errors and it helps to build the campaign quickly. It provides a great user experience.


It helps us to reduce the steps to update the content in the Email and also reduce the time for aligning the content in Email. We can easily drag & drop the dynamic content in the Email.




Dynamic content is playing a vital role in the Eloqua System. If you are sending newsletters globally, then it helps you to set the rules and logic for your preferences instead of playing around with the email content.


The impact on business is we are able to personalize the campaign by using Dynamic content, so mail will go the customer properly with their interest level and language preference. It reduces a lot of time, because in one asset we are updating content of all languages.


Eloqua 10: B2B: Fundamentals, B2B: Engage & Enrich, B2B: Fundamentals Introduction, B2B: Profile & Target courses were helpful to create update rules.