As many marketeers (especially in a B2B environment), we spend a lot of time and a lot of money on managing events.

A lot of our marketing colleagues are requesting a decent customer experience, and that always involves having confirmation Emails with QR codes.

In our case, it usually means outsourcing it to some event company that marks you up for a big price to use 'their' scanning mechanism and mark attendance.


So, this is our way of working out our own QR code generation, scanning and attendance.


In essence it uses a combination of known elements :


- Images in e-mails

- Field merges

- Blind form submits

- External events


Let's start with the creation of the QR code :


The code for the QR code is really simple.

We use the freely available API form google that allows you to dynamically create an image out of it.


QR CODE Source Code
<img src="" class="">


The only components you ever need to change are:


1) 'chs  =  size  x  size'

We've used 200x200 for columns and 300x300 for full width images. That seems to do the trick well.


2) 'chl  =  YOUR VALUE'

Here you edit your values that you want in the form, obviously you'd want to put something dynamic like a field merge.


As a next step, what you want is a blind form submit to be triggered from this QR code.

It's in essence the exact same as a regular blind form submit, only that it's now embedded in a slightly larger link, within image brackets.


As a refresher, blind form submits are made up like this :

Blind Form Submit


This now to be added into your QR code, making the total look like this, with all the bold segments things that you need to define:


Blind Form Submit Embedded in QR Code
<img src=";cht=qr&amp;chl=;choe=UTF-8" class="">



Next, in your form (yourformname ..) define the appropriate processing steps:


- Add to shared list

- Add to campaign

- Redirect to webpage


This really depends on how you prefer to work.

If you want to apply the external activities in an already existing campaign, make sure to add people to a shared list so you can filter on this criteria in your campaign.

If you want to do this in a mini, specially dedicated campaign, you can 'add to campaign' from the form processing.


For your confirmation page, something i find helpful is an 'auto-close' script.

It shows the confirmation and automatically closes the tab, so you can go back to scanning QR codes.


We usually paste in in the <head> section of the landing page :


Autoclose Javascript

  <script type="text/javascript">

function closeWindow() {

    setTimeout(function() {


    }, 3000);



    window.onload = closeWindow();




The 3000 in this case translates into 3 seconds. You can set the time as you like.


Next the only thing you need to do is mark the external activity in your campaign, and any subsequent actions the are generated from 'attending' an event for you personally.


In order to get this working, you need to scan the QR codes in the email with any QR code app on any type of smartphone that has an internet connection.

It will scan the code, do the blind form submit, redirect to the confirmation page that will close itself.

In the back-end, your contacts are marked as 'attendees', both in your shared list(s) and on external activities.


By setting up this loop yourself you can avoid paying some fancy agency, and run the entire event / QR game yourself with a standard smartphone!


Good luck out there !