Sharing Screen Time with Your Valued Customers

Connecting on Screen with SMS Campaigns

Within Oracle's Responsys, marketers can orchestrate SMS with other marketing channels, like the campaign manager, for example. Using the campaign manager, marketers can quickly coordinate their custom SMS messages as part of a cross channel journey, making your customer feel like part of the holistic vision of your product and services.

Here, there are Actionable Customer Profiles that allow marketers to identify the attributes, behaviors and preferences that comprise their ideal customers. There's also the Mobile Insight capability that allows marketers to analyze how these messages perform and ultimately drive revenue for your business.

So, in a nutshell, the Oracle Responsys SMS gives you the ability to:

  • Define new keywords and invalid keyword responses for dedicated mobile codes.
  • Create SMS campaigns, preview outbound and response messages, and proof launch outbound messages.
  • Provide two-way SMS messaging using Program.
  • Use templates that support various SMS use cases for your SMS campaigns.
  • Use SMS Recency Attributes for behavior-based targeting.

Working with Your Very Own SMS Campaigns

  • The name and status of the campaigns that use the keyword and the name of associated programs.
  • The keyword forwarding status of the keyword.
  • The position of opt-out keywords in the customer message.
  • Opt-in: This label automatically subscribes the mobile number. If multiple records with the matching mobile number exist, then by default the record with the most recent modified date will be subscribed.
  • Help: This doesn't automatically perform any action.
  • Custom: This also doesn't automatically perform any action.

Once your keywords are defined, you will:

  • Create the campaign.
  • Use the Campaign Workbook to review and edit campaign settings.
  • Activate the campaign using Program.

Key SMS Terms You'll Want to Know

  • Use personalized link tracking and conversion reporting

To refresh your memory, here's a helpful image showing you all the things you can do with SMS Campaigns in Responsys:

A list of all the thinks Responsys SMS Campaigns can help you do.