Opening a Line of Communication

Here's an overview of your choices when it comes to SMS campaigns:

This image shows all the types of mobile SMS campaigns available with Responsys.

Let's take a closer look at what these entail.

The Email Acquisition Template

With SMS campaigns, you get the email acquisition template, an option that's used for campaigns where you would like your customers to text in their valid email address, so they can opt in to email marketing communications. This means that you can now talk to your customers on email, like old friends might do.

Along with texting in their valid email address, the person you're talking to would also need to text a specific keyword. This keyword is what triggers Responsys to execute the email acquisition process to occur. Then, Responsys will see that the keyword is associated with a campaign that's part of an email acquisition, so it validates the email address in the incoming SMS message, and also performs a data list merge to the profile list. This merge may update the email address and/or mobile number of your person of contact. Pretty cool, huh? It's like the system knows all the gaps and holes to fill to make sure you can talk to your customer directly and without issues.

How You Can Use This Awesome Feature

To use this feature, which is available for both dedicated and shared codes, you'll need one of those keywords we mentioned earlier.

For clients that have a dedicated code, the customer's response message can start with an email address and then a keyword. For instance: " JOIN". The email address is then automatically mapped to the EMAIL_ field.

Alternatively, a customer must start with the keyword if the account uses a shared code. Here's how that works:

  1. To specify the field to which to map the email address, select the field from the Email Address dropdown list.
  2. The Email Address drop-down box pre-populates with the default SMS environment variables. For instance, the recipient should text the keyword JOIN and an email address to use to join your newsletter.
  3. You'll receive an incoming message that reads "JOIN". In this case, you'll select SMS_USER_INPUT1 as the email address maps to the field SMS_USER_INPUT1. You could use a SetData program element to merge that data into the profile list.

The Always Optional Opt-In Template

  • When turned to the 'Off' position, you can send a message to all subscribers, even if they have an Opt-Out in their mobile permissions. This allows for important messages like emergency alerts or messaging that is deemed more critical and deserving to circumvent an Opt-Out record.

The Text for Response Template

  • Response Messages Only

The SMS Notification Template

  • Outbound Message Only

The Direct API Template

  • Outbound Message Only

The Custom Template: Make it Your Own

  • Response Message