Initiative Overview:


Recently our legal team reached out to my marketing automation regarding an initiative they are hoping we have a solution, which is to build out automation to capture people who do not wish to be called by our sales organization on product selling or promotion, due to an increase in complaints from prospect or customers in regard to this matter. This is a bad experience for our customers as for how our legacy business process managed different brands and channels, and as you can imagine on how customers can become a lead from going through different brands' lead generation flow and our sales team was structured on selling different brands and channels versus brand agnostic. There wasn't an efficient way from Salesforce for them to ensure they don't call the same customer over and over again. It is on my road map to redesign the leads management flow to follow the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall, but that would take time and resources due to the complexity of how our business operates. For this legal matter, I would need to assess from Salesforce and Eloqua to see where is best for this solution to be built and I felt it is best to have this build in Eloqua, as we already have an integration and auto sync set up between our Eloqua and Salesforce instance. And it is much easier to leverage a combination of Data Washing Machine app, updates rules and the campaign canvas to program this.



The goals for this initiative were mostly feature-based. The new solution should contain the following:

  • A Master Exclude Look Up Table for the user to maintain the "Do Not Call" list through a request from legal
  • Also as sales reps flagged "Do Not Call" in Salesforce per request from customers we would sync that back to this lookup table to ensure new entries into Eloqua would be flagged accordingly
  • A program to clean up the business phone number data in order for us to accurately match to this "Do Not Call" lookup table as you can imagine the different variation of phone data coming from different countries.
  • Auto-sync between Eloqua and Salesforce to ensure both systems are synchronized.
  • Most importantly to reduce risk to our organization from unnecessary lawsuits and improve customers experiences.
  • A maintenance plan on how to maintain "Do Not Call" list in the future


New Feature:

  1. New program to flag every phone number in "Do Not Call" master exclude list to every email which associates with those phone numbers in Eloqua as well as Salesforce.
  2. One time to update the database in both Eloqua and SFDC
  3. Incremental update when new contacts enter in both systems as well as when the new phone number was added to "Do Not Call" Master Exclude.
  4. An ability to Opt-in to Do Not Call if Opt-Out


One Slight Problem:

  • Phone number data are not consistent
  • Different format for the US and international number

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.07.02 PM.png

Our Solution:

We decided to use a combination of Data Washing Machine cloud apps and update rules to manage the cleansing of phone number variations.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.10.23 PM.png

Example of some of the actions using RegEx Replace & RegEx Extract to clean up the phone number

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.12.17 PM.png

Update Rules set would update all contacts in Eloqua associated to Do Not Call phone number to ensure all of those emails would have Do Not Call Flag checked "Yes"

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.15.16 PM.png

We would then create auto sync with SFDC to flag all email with "Do Not Call" = Yes in SFDC.



As we just implemented this solution, however, this should solve the legal issue we are facing, create more awareness for our sale organization from reach out to our customers and ensure as an organization we need to do whatever it takes to solve the problem at hand especially when it comes to legal and improve our customer experiences. A great feeling is when we can leverage Eloqua as a marketing automation platform to deliver a solution that would benefit both marketing and sales.


Influential Courses:

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  • Eloqua 10: CRM Integrations
  • B2B: Program Canvas
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