Marketing challenge:

Improving marketing campaign effectiveness has always been top priority of our marketing department. In order to do this, we must keep an eye on everything we do in marketing from data to content, collateral, to tools and systems. Data and insights are always critical for us when it comes to improving marketing effectiveness. If we don’t have accurate reporting, it would be a big challenge to optimize. One of the optimizing tools we use is Return Path (RP), which is an email deliverability monitoring tool, to help improve deliverability rate, sender score and identify blacklisted IP addresses and to optimize our email marketing. As a tool requirement, all of email campaigns going out from Eloqua must include a RP seed list. This RP seed list has up to 600 email addresses which are used by RP to monitor deliverability. RP would not be able to monitor deliverability rate correctly if any of the email addresses from RP seed list is missing from our any email campaigns. One challenge we faced was that contacts from this RP seed list somehow get unsubscribed often which prevented the seed list from getting our emails. We had to check and manually re-subscribe contacts in this RP seed list. But, of course, manual process takes more time and sometimes is forgotten which caused the business wasting so much money paying to RP but not having proper use of it.



  • To have a robust solution to subscribe contacts in this RP seed list or internal seed list automatically, to avoid manual work, to have proper use of RP tool and improve team efficiency.
  • Something we can set and forget, but still can expect great result.



From luminary learning courses and Topliners community tips, we realized Eloqua has lots of functionalities that can easily solve our problem. Therefore, we leveraged program builder and program canvas functionalities in Eloqua to build a robust solution to automatically subscribe seed list contacts and to replace manual work that includes the followings:


  • A program builder with action to subscribe list of contacts at "Site-Level"
  • This program builder also use "Subscribe to Campaign" action
  • Build a program canvas to feed contacts daily into the program builder to automatically subscribe contacts from RP or internal seed lists.


Program Builder:

Program canvas to feed contacts daily into the program builder to automatically subscribe contacts from RP or internal seed lists.


Since we have implemented this program in Eloqua, RP seed list contacts being unsubscribed is no longer an issue. In the past, 30% of our RP seed list contact get unsubscribed after every email campaign launch. Now with this Eloqua subscribed program, 100% of contacts in RP seed list stay subscribed. This helps our promotional emails and product update communications are able to reach RP inboxes. RP is then able to correctly monitor our email deliverability and provides accurate reports, analysis and recommendations for our email marketing optimization. Based on Return Path reports and recommendation, we keep fixing and optimizing our data and email contents which resulted in an increase in deliverability rate from 83% to 98% which in turn helped to increase our email open rate by 5%. This Eloqua program helped us maximizing the value of Return Path tool.

Also, without leveraging this Eloqua cool technique, we would still have to manually subscribe contacts. This program has improved team efficiency by 10%. This gets us excited and keep looking for more ways to optimize email marketing by leveraging more Eloqua functionalities. Eloqua is truly a solution for our marketing needs.


Influential Course:

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