In this article, I will demonstrate how we automated a global newsletter using Eloqua.



Sage Advice is our award-winning global blog. It provides business advice from leading experts and caters for all business sizes from start-up, right up to enterprise businesses. Sage Advice is our lead acquisition engine with the goal to attract, engage and convert a new audience to Sage. Subscribers of Sage Advice receive the Sage Advice Newsletter which is a monthly email newsletter promoting the most relevant and timely content across Sage Advice.


Existing Challenges

Although, we had success with the Sage Advice newsletter in terms of engagement and A/B testing, we knew there was more we could do Eloqua technology. To begin with, we started by identifying some of the challenges we faced with the current newsletter. These included growth, engagement and efficiency.


In terms of growth, we wanted to continue to grow our subscriber numbers and internally evolve our newsletter so that the marketing team were working more efficiently.


Efficiency was crucial as it was taking up a lot of time in resources to build a newsletter campaign each month. For example, a content writer, a reviewer and a campaign builder were all involved in getting the newsletter past first draft which often impacted on deadlines.


In terms of engagement, we knew we had great content to share but struggled with getting the right content to the right audience. Instead of being a generic monthly newsletter, we wanted to deliver tailored content to specific audience groups depending on their business size and need. For example, delivering small business content to contacts who managed a small business. If we were able to achieve this, we knew we’d be able to improve our engagement rates.


Campaign Goal

Build a highly targeted and automated version of the newsletter that would address our challenges allowing for greater efficiency across the team and better engagement with our audience.


The Technology

Using Oracle Eloqua, we incorporated different elements including a campaign canvas, shared content modules, emails, landing pages, custom segments and filters.


To automate the building process of the Sage Advice monthly newsletter, we built four email assets - one for each segment. We did this by using a series of 'Shared Content' components that are automatically updated with the latest content from the Sage Advice blog which means we don't need to manually build or update the content of the newsletter each month.


To achieve full automation, we created an online spreadsheet containing a function which read the RSS feed and XML from the blog capturing every new post published via Wordpress. This same spreadsheet is monitored by Zapier which captures and updates the latest blog content to the different 'Shared Content' objects in Eloqua via a POST Webhook to Eloqua's REST API. With that, the newsletter email doesn't require any manual build and will always be up to date with the latest content from the blog.



To segment the audience, we used Shared filters, Segments and Form technology and Salesforce. From this, we were able to segment the audience based off employee size and product, giving us our 4 key segments; small, medium, large and accountants.



Campaign Overview

It took nearly ten months to implement the Sage Advice blog and newsletter across our five key markets; the US, the UK, France, Spain and Germany before automating. It took us just four weeks to implement our new segmentation strategy and build the automated version of the newsletter.


As the newsletter is now completely automated, there is little build requirement or time spent creating newsletter content. This has greatly improved the efficiency of all the teams involved. The logic built for this campaign is now being applied to other newsletter campaigns at Sage leading to further efficiencies. We now have a better understanding of our audience. We can serve that audience tailored and unique content to help them grow their business, showcasing us as a thought leader in our industry.

The Results

  • Global page views increased by 95% 2.15m
  • Sage Advice attracting over 61% more organic page views compared to its legacy blogs from 2017
  • Generated 29k worth of inquiries, nearly 20% of these becoming MQLs
  • Organically grew our subscriber audience from 0 to over 16,023
  • 45% improvement on average unique email click-through rate (from 2.3% to 3.5%)
  • 30% improvement on average unique open rate (from 22.13% to 28.67%)
  • Efficiency gain of 700% with the reduction in hours taken to build the newsletter (down from 8 hours to 1 hour).

Oracle University courses which influenced this campaign

  • Profile & Target for Data Cleansing
  • Prioritize & Process for Form Processing and Segmentation
  • Convert with Custom Objects for building the Campaign Canvas
  • Insight for Reporters for Reporting
  • Topliners community