Marketing Challenge


Traditionally, B2B marketing teams struggle with being able to automate customer communications and at the same time offer the relevant content and personalisation that is so important in relationship-driven marketing.

This becomes even harder in the financial industry where you have highly complex regulations and silo data sources on top of long sales cycles with multiple decision-makers and influencers, just within one customer or prospect organisation.

Mapping these and getting the right message to the right decision maker, at the right time, is hard.


Project Overview


The objective was to automate digital marketing campaign design and implement Eloqua in highly regulated global financial company to initiate Marketing transformation. We were
up for the challenge and wanted to make a real difference to how we communicate to our customers. We also wanted to make a change in how we manage campaigns in much more efficient, data-driven and effective ways for our Marketers across the globe.


It is a multi-phased, multi-country implementation of Eloqua programme, covering:

  • Evaluating countries’ readiness for marketing automation from regulations and resources point of view
  • Onboarding countries to Eloqua (from marketing and business requirements to setting up preference center, defining contact strategy, reporting, providing templates, best practices, etc.)
  • Core committee of people (internal & external) dedicated to deliver the result
  • Transitioning and transforming the current digital marketing campaign design processes by enabling Eloqua functions and up skilling people.


Today, we’ve completed all these steps for 14 markets and we see this achievement as the first milestone of our digital transformation journey.




Behind this success was a small global team who:

  • Conducted Eloqua onboarding globally and in the countries
  • Trained users and new joiners
  • Onboarded partners for day-to-day support
  • Created digital assets and templates
  • And defined the role that Marketing Automation would play in the future of our B2B contact strategy.


This was the first agile project in our B2B Marketing done in technology area, and in the months that followed, the programme transformed from a simple marketing automation tool to a robust programme with multiple channels and a strategy that forms the global Marketing Transformation Programme.




The journey has started with 3 countries, the early adopters of Eloqua, quickly followed by other countries in the different regions. As of now 14 countries are able to create multi – step campaigns, get valuable insights using Eloqua BI and improve marketing outcome. But the most important change is to enhance customer experience. And this whole roll out has been completed in 18 months.

One of the most acknowledged benefits of the technology rollout is consistent brand communication. The availability of approved branded templates offers our customers a more consistent brand
experience across multiple channels.


The success of Marketing Automation is recognized globally:

  • 14 countries are live on Eloqua
  • With over 60 trained users
  • Who have designed +150 campaigns in H1 2019, 60 of which are currently live and active
  • With a global CTR over the industry benchmark
  • And a month-on-month increase in customer engagement




We’ve designed and rolled out multi-step & multi-channel campaigns; events, webinars, acquisition, awareness, conversational or informative ones. And this is just the start. We’re personalising those campaigns and continually learning more about our customers and building this insight into the future campaigns.


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