There are many reasons to build a custom subscription preference center. If you would like to record unsubscribe reasons, record a null/undecided subscription value, create a responsive and customized web page or record custom information about the source campaign--these are all valid reasons to build a custom page. The following are instructions on the build-out of the skeleton of a custom subscription center, but you can use CSS to customize the landing page look and feel.


For our specific use case, we implemented a 3rd option of a null/undecided subscription value to be in compliance with GDPR and more stringent email compliance laws. We set to create a custom preference system that was on a responsive landing page as well as could handle the different opt-in response values.


We leveraged this Topliners deck on the basic steps: Here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way.



  • Form
  • Landing page for subscription center form
  • Confirmation landing page

Note: You will want to name the form something descriptive as this will show up as a form fill in the activity section of the Profile iframe.

Form: Create a form to host your email group subscriptions as well as an option to unsubscribe from all email groups.


  • Email Address (pre-pop)
  • Email Group 1
  • Email Group 2
  • Email Group 3
  • Unsubscribe from all

Form processing steps:

  • Update Contacts - With Form Data
    • Always, Map Email Address
  • Email Group - Subscribe Unsub (For your subscribed)
    • Conditionally, if checkbox has value of exactly “on”
  • Email Group - Subscribe Unsub (For your unsubscribed)
    • Conditionally, if checkbox has value is blank
  • Unsubscribe Contacts Globally
    • Conditionally, if checkbox with unsubscribe from all has value of exactly “on”
  • Redirect to Web Page

Note: For conditionally processing steps, click conditionally and select form fields and add your conditions (either checkbox field is exactly “on”/subscribed or blank/unsubscribed)


Landing Pages:

Build a landing page to host your form and a confirmation page to insert as the form processing step for redirect to a web page.


The confirmation page should show the email address and confirmation of their subscription preferences.


Note: Form fills for this subscription management center will show up in Insights reports as conversions as they are set up as forms. Oracle Eloqua will address this in a future update.


Finally, you will need to edit your footers to include the new subscription center link.