Marketing Challenge & Campaign initiative

Nowadays the way we connect with customers go beyond more than virtual events, we believe webinar is another tactic which is strategically important in converting customers to the next stage of funnel. Historically we used to follow a batch-and-blast way of sending emails across the entire region, and as campaign specialist it wouldn’t be effective and remembering the email schedule is a pain.



Our goal is to increase the conversion rate of our email campaign, number of webinar registrations as well as attendance rate through the creation of campaign canvas and proper segmentation.



Prior to the implementation of marketing campaign canvas, webinar invites and attendance reminders were deployed on ad-hoc basis. Very often we missed out the sending of emails which in turn affected the attendance numbers. Email performance was not great too, internally we don’t share a concept of segmentation and it was just sent to all contacts on our database. Following the adoption of campaign canvas and proper segmentation we expect an increase in email open rate and more webinar registrations, based on the fact that relevance is the key to conversion.

Solution & Implementation

We need to create the following assets on Eloqua:


  1. Invites 1 & 2
  2. reminders ( reminder 1, reminder 2)
  3. Post-webinar Thank You

We used the latest responsive template on Eloqua to design emails for this campaign.


Shared Filter

Webinar platform is integrated with Eloqua with registrations stored in custom object. To retrieve the registrations we have to create a shared filter for webinar registrants.


For invitation
1) Demographic profile - industry, job function, job level – fields that we've already standardized our profile fields with picklist.
2) Behavior – we’d love to invite past attendees of the webinar series
For webinar registrants
1)We will add the shared filter to create a segment,  such that registrants will be continuously added to the campaign canvas


Campaign canvas

Steps to build the canvas
1)Add the invite member and seed list as segments
2)Add the 1st invitation email
3)Reminder to register will happen on 22/10 10am so adding a wait step
4)Reminder to register will only go to non-registrants, so we add a decision step with shared filter to evaluate webinar registrants
5)Already registered ones will get the reminder 1 to attend and they will be moved to the wait step on 29/10 10am.
6)On the other hand, webinar registrants signed up via our website (not via email campaign) will also be added to the canvas, this can be done by adding the segment for webinar registrants. We have selected “Add members regularly until campaign is deactivated” such that registrants can be continuously added to this campaign.
7) Now if anyone sign up before 29/10 10am they will be getting the reminder 1. If they sign up after, they will be moved to the next step which is the reminder 2 to attend. And to do that we added the “Compare Date” step to evaluate the date.
8)All registrants will be pulled to the wait step on the date of 31/10 where everyone will receive the post-webinar follow up email.
9)At last we schedule the campaign start date on the day of sending  1st invitation.



Number of webinar pre-registrants: 3 times more than before
Show up rate of webinar registrants: 2 times more than before
Email Open rate increase by 30%
Email Click through rate increase by 20%


Marketing cloud courses have directly influenced this campaign

Fundamentals of the Campaign Canvas
Fundamentals of Segmentation
Fundamentals of Emails
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