As we all know, mitigating the bounce rate of high value page abandonment is about more than just marketing. One of the easiest opportunities to increase conversions on those pages is with a page abandoned email journey. Some marketers don’t prioritize these campaigns because they feel that it’s a waste of time and believe the effectiveness of these campaigns is not impactful enough to make it worthwhile. Guess again! Page abandonment campaigns have proven to increase engagement and conversion rate and are a cost-effective way of re-marketing to someone who is actively showing interest.


Our Challenge

One of the big challenges our company had was that web-based page abandonment campaigns have traditionally recorded high level of engagement for conference registrations and for various reasons, we’ve historically seen an inconsistent implementation of this tactic as well as the timing of implementation.


Our Goals

We have an opportunity to develop and deploy global standardized page abandonment campaigns, which programmatically evolve based on major conference campaign milestones, to ensure we engage prospects at the moment they are showing interest. Deploying a standardized campaign will also offer us a platform for more robust optimization while reducing local marketing managers level of effort.

The goal was to:

  • Target individuals who have abandoned the registration flow once
  • Configure automated campaign canvas for registration process abandoners
  • Deploy email 1-hour after abandonment without registration
  • Drive re-engagement with exclusive conference content and discount code
  • Create mutually exclusive segment with registration & agenda abandon segments





To kick-off the initiative, we started by splitting campaign canvas into two streams: Visited Registration Page and Visited Agenda Page. To further personalize this campaign, we added a decision step to identify if any of the page abandoners were Alumni (previously attended an event) or Prospect (never attended an event)

Each stream had different messaging based on whether the contact attended a conference or event in the past or if they were a prospect. We then set up 2 segments to pull in new members who visited either the registration or agenda pages for the event. Since the registration page was a higher value page we then built a shared filter on the Agenda page abandonment flow to route members to the registration flow to receive an email with a more compelling offer to influence the buying decision.


This is what the campaign canvas looked like:


Canvas doc.png



Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy

Through my learning in the Eloqua Masters and Luminary certifications, the Fundamentals of the Campaign Canvas and Personalizing Campaigns Modules taught me how to leverage shared filters, decision steps, and field merges to create and scale these campaigns and standardize a global process for these high performing campaigns.


Our Results

The campaign was extremely successful. The open rates increased by 73% & CTR increased 50% higher than our benchmark for page abandonment campaigns. We had a +214% YOY increase in event registrations directly associated with these campaigns. In summary, these campaigns do work and have proven their success and we have standardized a process to roll this out for all events globally going forward.