Marketing Challenge

Do you have a lot of contacts in your database who are fully engaged but never decided to buy your product?

It is great opportunity to sell your product. In this blog I present you the ideas on how to do it in successful way.


The Strategy

A lot of companies offer free access to their software. They know that usage of product increases willingness of the user to purchase the licence. It is worth to invite user to free trial as it could later repay with the subscription fee.

My company decided to implement such workflow using the Voucher Code App, where user given the voucher could use the software for free trial.



  • Nurture contacts in the database who are fully engaged but never purchased the software licence.
  • Engage user to use the product.
  • Support sales process
  • High-value leads generation for sales department
  • Open our product for clients - they could try it before making decision to buy it.
  • Building a positive User Experience with the product by providing user with a free access.
  • Use Eloqua Learning knowledge in practise by trying Eloqua advanced capabilities.


Proposed solution

Using Voucher Code Application to deliver free access code for limited period of time.


The build

  • Preparing campaign assumptions.
  • Designing customer journey.
  • Preparing campaign content and assets: landing pages, emails, follow, banners.
  • Only the ones that tried trial version will be transferred to sales department.
  • Users will receive follow up email with special offer to buy a licence.


First step was to compile a list of things to do which included:

  • form
  • landing page
  • campaign canvas
  • field merge
  • email with the code


Think about fields that you need to use in your form to collect data. Our form contains: first name, last name, company, function and phone number. Please remember to configure Processing Step: add to campaign. Contacts collected by filling the form will be later added to the campaign canvas.


Create a field merge with Custom Object Field

We decided to use field merge in email to deliver free access code. To set up field merge you have to select and complete field merge settings as in the picture bellow.

To deliver voucher in the email we used Custom Data Object.


Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 18.54.12.png



Configuring Voucher Code Application

Codes have to be separated by commas. We grant every contact with only one code. The final step is to choose previously defined entity in the Contact Field select list.

What is more you can see statistics of using codes - the contacts and their vouchers distribution with date and time.


Campaign flow

In the picture you can see multi-step campaign with Voucher Code App. At the top we can see segment feed by form. On the left there is a mechanism to clean field if contact previously has received other voucher. Note that we create a mechanism by using filter and update rule. At the bottom the flow is connected to Voucher Code Application and step to send email with the code.




Result and lessons learned

  • Support sales process.
  • Increase the usage of the software during the campaign.
  • Used Eloqua advanced capabilities in practise.
  • ROI: 32%


Course material used

  • Modern Marketing: Best Practices

  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns

  • Advanced Editing and Form Processing

  • Advanced Segmentation