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Using contact fields in order to personalize emails was simply not a scalable approach.


Project Overlap/delays - With 9 contact fields shared among 5 teammates there were too many instances where our deployment schedules were delayed due to the open status of other projects. If Rep A had to personalize emails with field merges in the body of the email or use a signature rule and Rep's B and C required the use of the 9 contact fields for these field merges, Rep A would have to wait until their emails deployed. This became even more of a challenge when multi-touch campaigns were required. Plain and simple, this was not an efficient approach.


Poor Workflow - In addition to the aforementioned challenges, prior to deploying an email using shared contact fields, we would have to leverage a program in program builder to purge the data inside of the fields prior to deployment. This process on average takes approximately two hours, if not more depending on the size of the target audience.



Create a scalable solution to address the aforementioned challenges by leveraging the Custom Data Object. This plan calls for the creation of a Custom Data object for each member of my team. Each CDO will contain 10 custom fields (a starter pack of fields which can be expanded upon based on project requirements). This includes fields for personalization in the body of an email, signature information (for data control purposes we upload this data as opposed to using the signature layout feature) and other custom fields which can be used for at their discretion (Signature Rules, List identifiers, subject lines, etc...)


Most importantly, block out the noise and allow for each team member to have autonomous control over their project.



Create CDO for each team member


  • Create unique fields for each team member using a specific naming convention 
    • Email Address = Contacts email address
    • Custom Object fields = Each template follows the same naming convention unique to each Team member
      • Zz_01A_AS_QC_SigRuleID (DM Name used as the key identifier for Signature Rules)
      • Zz_01B_AS_QC_FullName
      • Zz_01C_AS_QC_Title
      • Zz_01D_AS_QC_Phone
      • Zz_01E_AS_QC_Email
      • Zz_01F_AS_QC_LicenseNo
      • Zz_01G_AS_QC_PURL


  • Create the field merges

field merge.jpg

  • Final step - leverage the data based on project requirements.




After implementing this approach and creating a personal CDO for each team member we are now able to deploy emails in a much more efficient manner (15 minutes compared to 2 hours) and do not have to worry about project overlap. In addition, we’ve leveraged our CDO data fields for other initiatives which include, dynamic content, lead routing, persona-based marketing, and storing data from other tools within our tech stack.


Business Impact

  • Stakeholders have universally adopted this method and have seen a substantial increase in personalized emails delivered
  • Our Operations team to leverage for pending projects that otherwise could not be completed
  • All team members are now equipped to handle large-scale email deployments at higher volumes while leveraging personalization.


Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy courses that influenced the campaign: Engage and Enrich, Profile and Target, Relevance and Retention, Convert with Custom Objects

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