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Ashwini -Oracle

On24 Process Overview

Posted by Ashwini -Oracle Dec 15, 2017

Our Goal:


On24 is a webinar service provider, it is helpful for hosting Live/recorded webcasts. An integration between Eloqua and On24 is built such that, the responses are captured from Eloqua progressive profile form and is pushed to On24, which is in turn validated by On24, before allowing a user to watch the live / recorded webcast. This integration has reduced manual effort in uploading data into Eloqua from ON24.




* It improve customer experience

* And it is Mobile friendly registration page.

* It helps in Improving brand consistency and continuity.

* It has New responsive design templates.

* All emails sent via Eloqua confirmation, reminder, and thank you/follow up.

* Faster flow of Leads and Registrations

* Registrants captured on Eloqua.

* Automated flow of Attendees to CXD and Eloqua.


Setting Up ON24 Registration:

Webcast can be hosted on On24 by the Marketers themselves (via Elite Self Service Tool) or with the help of On24 reps (manual Form – no access to Elite).


ON24 Elite Tool:

ON24 Webcast Elite gives you the power to easily create and deliver professional, media-rich, and fully-branded audio and video webinars.


Setting Up ON24 Registration Pages (Live Webcast)


The On24 Live Webcast requires the following assets to be created.

1. Welcome Page

2. Form Page

3. Thank you/ Confirmation Page

4. Auto-response/Confirmation Email

5. Reminder Email

6. Post Event email (Thanks you or No show)



Setting Up ON24 Registration Pages (Recorded Webcast):


The process to set up a recorded webcast is similar to that of a promotional video Landing Page..


Below are the list of assets that are to be created:

1. Welcome page (with embedded form)

2. Thank you/Confirmation Page (Optional)

3. Auto-response/Confirmation Email


Guidelines For Setting Up Reminder Limitations of Eloqua For Automation


Contacts will enter the canvas only through segment.

For contacts entering dynamically, we need to select the 2nd radio button “Add members regularly until campaign is deactivated” in segment settings.

Also for dynamic entry, “Allow contacts to enter the campaign more than once” needs to be unchecked under the “Advanced campaign settings” section.

If contacts are entering dynamically then Eloqua will not allow duplicate records.

If a contact is entered through one segment, then it cannot enter the canvas through other segments, we have to keep them in “Decision box” to use it further.


Helpful Marketing Cloud Courses:


    B2B Segments

    B2B Fundamentals and Email

    B2B RPM

    B2B Form and Landing pages

    B2B Engagement

    B2B Targeting

    B2B Technology

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