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"An Insight for an ‘Oracle’ Insight - My Luminary Journey using Oracle Eloqua"


Background & Introduction -

After a successful 14 years in IT & Software business and contributing a couple of years (read 5+) in Marketing Domain Business and being part of the Marketing team where the legacy marketing tool was migrated to Oracle Eloqua tool for Business optimization, I always wanted to learn, excel and gain more knowledge & expertise in the field of Marketing Automation.

Being part of the World’s leader company in providing the cyber-security software and services, I lead and manage a team of bright and enthusiastic individuals (Developers, BA, QA and Sustain) which builds the Eloqua programs, canvas, campaigns, Custom Objects, Integrations and everything that is required to cater, support, enhance and optimize our Enterprise & Consumer Business.

However, during this progression, we have slightly overlooked the important aspect of measuring our daily efforts and all the talent and expertise we have put into establishing and building the Marketing Automation Tool - Oracle Eloqua in our company.


The Thoughtful Idea -

We had the renewals notification program setup to cater different business products and send out email notifications from Eloqua for different cadences.

The program setup and everything was working fine as per the Business requirements and needs however we didn’t have any setup or mechanism to measure and monitor the throughput and How many emails notifications are sent out on daily basis for different products and different customers as per different geographical locations.


An Insight for an ‘Oracle’ Insight -

During my learning on Oracle University - Marketing Cloud Education for B2B Master and Luminary Certifications, I learned and gained knowledge on using and leveraging Oracle Insights to create different kind of dashboards which can help to setup alerts, monitoring and sent out email notifications about the data insights.


The Actual Implementation -

Setting up the Oracle Insight Dashboards was made quite easy due to the elaborate courses like 'Insight for Analyzers' and 'Insight for Reporters'.

Below are the details of the setup mechanism that was created on our Oracle Eloqua Instance which was able to sort, fetch and organize the Data and then provide the Insights and Analytics and then further send out a daily email notification to the target audience.





The Goal Accomplishment -

Our IT and Business team users were getting email notifications on daily basis on the incoming data in the renewal programs as well as the outgoing renewal notifications.

The single pager snapshot email notification was well received and appreciated by different Business teams.

This implementation has helped us in maintaining and measuring the data insights and monitoring the timeline chart of the data records/notifications. See below the actual email notification that was received.


renewals email alert.JPG


Favorite Courses during my Luminary journey -

Below are my Favorite Courses and sub-topics that I took during my course of B2B Master and Luminary -


Eloqua Master - 2019

- MM: Revenue Performance Management

- Eloqua Fundamentals


Eloqua Luminary - 2019

- Engage & Enrich

- Insight for Analyzers

- Insight for Reporters

- Advanced dashboard functions

- MM: Global Demand Center

- CRM Integrations


Future Shortlist Courses and Certifications -

As I gain more knowledge about Oracle Eloqua, I have shortlisted the below Courses and Certifications to continue my further journey -


- Eloqua Implementation Certification

- Marketing Operations Course

- Modern Marketing for Eloqua


With this I would like to conclude my blog with a note of thanks and appreciation to all those involved from my team – Oracle Eloqua – Marketing automation as well as a I would like to specially thank and appreciate a member from Oracle University - Natasha K Alves-Oracle in helping me and proactively reverting back to all my queries related to the Luminary course & next steps.


Thank you for taking the time to read this ! I really appreciate it !

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