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Marketing Challenge and Goals

It’s no secret that the relationship between Sales and Marketing teams within an organization isn’t always the best. After discovering the wonders of Profiler and Eloqua Engage, we knew we had a great opportunity to help better this relationship within our own organization. After learning how to navigate the tools ourselves, we set out to get Sales on board with these new tools.


We had a few goals:

  • Work with Sales to create lead scoring models for each of the different business units within the organization to help Sales prioritize leads/contacts
  • Educate Sales on the new tools and how these tools will help them close more deals
  • Strengthen our relationship with Sales to where both teams understand how we are helping each other and why it’s important



When we began this process, we didn’t have many Sales users set up with Profiler and our Engage template library was bare. Since we were starting almost from scratch, we didn’t set out to hit a specific number of new users or templates. Instead, our broader goal was to get more users access to the tools and create as many Engage templates as we saw fit.


Planning and Implementation Process

In order to accomplish these goals, we followed these steps:

  • Used the information from Eloqua trainings to learn how to set up scoring models, how to use information within Profiler, and how to navigate the Engage tool
  • Created a PowerPoint presentation to use for training Sales that included:
    • What Eloqua is
    • How Eloqua works with Salesforce
    • Where to find Profiler within Salesforce and what information it provides (lead prioritization based on lead score, digital body language of leads/contacts, view exact emails/landing pages people are interacting with)
    • Where to find Engage and the benefits of being able to track opens and clicks, as well as the ability to send customized emails to multiple people in one send
    • How to set up Alerts and what to expect after enabling them


  • Scheduled meetings with the Sales Leadership groups within each of our Business Units
    • In these meetings, we worked together to create a tailored Lead Score Model that matches up with the criteria they look for in a lead or contact.


  • Worked with the Marketing Managers for each of the business units as well as our copywriting team to create Engage templates and upload them into the system for Sales to use
  • Scheduled meetings with the different Sales teams and set everyone up with access to the tools
    • During trainings, we used the PowerPoint we created, but as we did more trainings, we realized that live demos within the tool were also super helpful in getting our points across


  • Addressed questions and concerns during training sessions and made sure that the teams knew if they ever ran into any issues or had more questions, that they could reach out to us directly



After looking at reports, we have increased the number of emails sent through Engage from 105 in 2016 to 599 in 2017. We have also increased our unique clickthrough rate from 3.85% to 11.51%. We credit the increase in clickthroughs to the fact that we were working closer with Sales to refine the library with content they want to send out.


Throughout the process we have been met with excitement from Sales teams and have been creating more and more Engage templates each week. The feedback from Sales has been great and they’ve truly seen the benefits of using Profiler to see the digital body language of the leads/contacts and the information from these tools has helped them have super specific and tailored conversations on their calls. With these tools, Sales has been able to close more deals, which helps us on the Marketing team reach our Marketing Influenced Revenue goals for the year.


Eloqua Resources

We regularly turned to Topliners when we needed extra help. The community here is extremely helpful and friendly. Also, the B2B Conversion and B2B Targeting courses also played a big part in our successes. The live training courses are jam packed with information – I definitely revisited my notes and student guides many times.


Future Plans

This initiative isn’t over, but we’re excited that our relationship with Sales is stronger than it was when we started. We still meet with Sales teams for trainings on average about once a month and we continue to create new Engage templates to grow our template library. We remind the teams that we are open to refining the Lead Score Models if necessary and we keep the communication channels open for when questions come up. We hope to continue to increase engagement with these tools in the years to come.

It hasn’t been an easy process, but it’s definitely been a huge win that is worth the effort.

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