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What are External Activities?

As a Marketing Automation Platform, Oracle Eloqua is able to facilitate multi-channel marketing and record activities tracked by Eloqua.  As the platform expands, many other activities occur outside of Eloqua, both online and offline.  External Activities are records that can store simple data points on these activities.  More details can be found here:


What's so good about External Activities?The External Activity app created by the Oracle Applications Labs is able to programmatically create these activities instead of, say, manual file uploads or building a custom integration to/from other platforms.


Some of the benefits of using the app:

- reduces lead time of getting these activities recorded in Eloqua, allowing marketers to leverage these data points in a prompt manner in their campaign workflows.

- reduces chances of errors during data entry or data transfer process from other platforms.

- reduces cost to build out other integrations or time to gather and upload the data from other sources.

- can be easily set up by marketing users without IT intervention.


How do I use the app?

1. Install the External Activity Creator app at… .

2. In the sample campaign below, we're creating external activity records for ON24 webinar registration.  As the app currently does not provide feedback into Eloqua (i.e. registered status for that contact for a particular event), we'll add an External Activity step after the ON24: Register Attendee step to record that activity.

3. Configure the External Activity step as needed:

4. Save the campaign and voila!


The External Activity records created can be viewed on the Contact record under the Activity Log tab.  For the most up-to-date details on the app, visit .


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