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As the Digital Services of a global company, we may receive campaign requests to be executed in a short deadline. In such cases, we are in need of simple solutions that would help to meet the requirements of that specific campaign.


Our Challenge


Our Stakeholders asked for a post event email campaign to deliver e-shop voucher codes to the booth visitors. As B2B does not generally require a Voucher Code campaign, we do not have an App Cloud system already installed in our instance. As the event was about to happen in a short while, our IT team was not able to meet the deadline to install the app. Thus, we were asked to think over a solution without IT development.


Our Goal


As we did not have a system to generate unique voucher codes, we needed to be provided with pre-generated voucher codes by the e-Shop team. Then, we had to assign one voucher code to each contact in our segment. Finally, a personalized email campaign had to be set up in order to deliver the voucher codes to the contacts.


The simplest, quickest and best option was to use Personalization with Custom Objects.


In order to have a personalized email with a unique voucher code, we used a Custom Object:


Step #1 - Add 2 new fields: Voucher Code and Email Address.


In order to assign a voucher code to each contact, we created a custom object as the field “Voucher Code” was not available in contact field level. Plus, we included the field “Email Address” as the unique identifier.





Step #2 - Contact upload


Besides uploading the contacts to Eloqua in order to create the segment for the campaign, we also uploaded the contacts as an excel file, which included a specific voucher code on each row/contact, to the custom object that we created. Last but not least, we made sure that all the custom object records were mapped.





Step #3 - Create a field merge with Custom Object Field


In order to personalize the email with the assigned Voucher codes, we created a new field merge with the created custom object field.




Step #4 - Preview several times to see how the contacts would see the email / if it was working as it was supposed to.


Once the field merge was added to the email body, thanks to Eloqua’s email preview feature, we were able to check with several contacts, who were in our segment, before activating the campaign to see whether they would be able to see the voucher codes that were assigned to them properly. The QA was successful. The field merge was working fine.






The Results


With this simple solution that Eloqua makes possible, we did not need IT development to be finalized in a short period of time and had all the requirements of the campaign in place. Plus, with Eloqua’s testing options for Campaigns and Assets, we were confident that the solution would work fine before sending the email out.




All the Luminary courses that I took are quite helpful with the challenging campaigns that I have come across so far. For this specific campaign, the following courses were my reference guides to cope up with.


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Targeting #5 - Testing Campaigns and Assets

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